The astrological signs change!


Hello everyone!

What is your astrological sign ? Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus? You are sure) ? Because the astrological signs have changed!

Yes, the sign of the Serpent has slipped between Scorpions and Sagittarians.

Here’s a little memo of today’s astros signs dates:

Capricorn from January 20th to February 16th.

Aquarius from February 16th to March 11th.

Fish from March 11th to April 18th.

Aries from April 18th to May 13th.

Taurus from May 13th to June 21st.

Gemini from June 21st to July 20th.

Cancer from July 20th to August 10th.

Lion from August 10th to September 16th.

Virgin from September 16th to October 30th.

Libra from October 30 to November 23.

Scorpio from November 23 to November 29.

Serpentaire from November 29th to December 17th.

Sagittarius from 17 December to 20 January.



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