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How to choose your tarot deck?


Hello to all my dear friends cartomancers!

Here is a little explanatory article about the tarot game and especially: its choice !
Yes, in order to be a good fortune-teller, you must have the right accessories !
Get a trailer, a big shawl that will make you look mysterious, a crystal ball, a beautiful Slavic accent, a lot of jewels and er … No, I wander there … In fact, you only need a tarot game that kicks you !


The interpretation is above all give meaning to a fact, a behavior, a drawing, a symbol, a color, etc … In my opinion, the divination rests in > 50% on the interpretation . The remaining 50% is composed of concentration, help from our guides, our Third Eye well opened, and above all: our infinite passion for this art that is the cartomancy!

If you want to know how to open his Third Eye, go to the following article: How to open your Third eye.

* You agree that the interpretation may vary by interpreter ! So far so good…
* You will therefore agree that with the same set of tarot cards, two different cartomancers will interpret not in the same way each of the symbols found there!
A very skilled and very talented cartomancer can fail to draw the cards with a new tarot game offered to him , for example.
How to explain it?
This game does not touch it, does not match it . And that does not mean it’s not good! This game is just not for him. (Note that it is strongly discouraged to use someone else’s tarot game.) A game is personal.)


In order to choose your tarot game, simply: Listen to your heart.

Let’s say that you hang out in an esoteric shop, and there, magic ! You come across piles and stacks of divinatory tarot the most beautiful one than the other …

  • You can …

* Touch them . If you are good at feeling things, you will find your tarot by feeling it. Your hands, in contact with it, will vibrate, or become hot, or cold, depending on how you interpret the green light sign .
* Watch them . Observe each detail of your game carefully. A symbol can challenge you, a color, a sign, or a drawing. For some of you, who have their Third Eye already well developed, your tarot game can shine a certain color . Again, it’s up to you to decree the color that will mean: ‘ this is your tarot, go for it!
* Read their destiny . Sometimes behind each tarot game is written a little summary. Games are numerous and there are all kinds. Tarot for dreams, tarot for indigo children, tarot for guides … It’s up to you to feel what you need most, what you want to share with your consultants why you would like to help .

Sometimes a tarot game can be offered (by a family member, a friend, a fortune-teller, etc …) . If it suits you and you can interpret its signs easily, then take advantage of your luck : this tarot was indeed intended .
* If it’s new , and packaged with plastic protection in addition to its box , please use it. You can purify it if it reassures you.
* If it’s new and unwrapped by a plastic protection in addition to its box , I advise you to purify .
* If it has already served , I advise you to purify .

To learn how to purify your tarot deck, go to the following article: ‘How to purify your tarot deck?


And now, you’re ready to dig up your tarot deck!
Good draw to all!

If some of you are interested in a tarot draw, know that I can draw cards with great pleasure .
I invite you to make an appointment with me by clicking on this link: Counseling consultation by phone with Mary.

Thank you!


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