Dreams interpretation Letter S

Dreaming of sinking

dream of sinking

Meanings of dreams: dreaming of sinking (or drowning).

Symbols : lack of trust, despair, hindrance, threat, negativity.

In psychoanalysis …
If you dream of sinking, it can express:
* A lack of confidence in you .
* Your desperation in the face of a particular situation.
* The fact that you feel hindered by certain circumstances.
* A fix that needs to be remedied .
* The feeling of losing ground in a situation or in a relationship.
* Your inability to keep a state of happiness.
* The impression of not having control, control over an event or situation.
* The fact that you could not maintain a certain momentum.
* The fact that you are about to lose something valuable .

What you are casting in is also to be interpreted. If you are running in water, for example, it may be a particular emotion that threatens to swallow you . If you are dripping in shifting sand or swamp, it may be your impression of no safe ground.

Spiritually …

Sinking in a dream can be a situation where you are unable to see clearly the best course of action to take .
If you are a very sensitive person, sinking can mean that the negativity of others threatens to overtake you.

dreaming of sinking

Remember that interpretations may differ according to the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret ones own dreams. Go to the article:How to interpret dreams.


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