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Oracle of the five cards


Hello everyone 🙂

Here is my favorite oracle : the five cards. It is very simple to perform and quick to interpret.

For that, you need …

The major arcana of your tarot game.
Your concentration to the maximum!


Extract 4 major arcana from your tarot and arrange them crosswise.
Then extract another card (major arcana also) that you will have in the middle of the croi x (see diagram below) .

Interpreting cards

(Follow the diagram)
Card # 1 represents all that is in favor of the consultant.
Card # 2 represents anything that is against the consultant.
Card # 3 represents the consultant’s question.
Card # 4 represents the answer to the question.
Card # 5 will synthesize the game.


The last card

Once your interpretation is complete, add the numbers corresponding to cards # 1, 2, 3 and 4 drawn.

For example, if the cards are The Pope, the Emperor, The Moon and the Sun. Let Arcane No. 2, No. 4, No. 18, No. 19, respectively.
That’s 2 + 4 + 18 + 19 = 43 .
Since 43 is greater than 22, it must be split and added: 4 + 3 = 7 .
You then get the No. 7, which corresponds to the Chariot, which in the place, is representative of a quick and certain victory.

If the number of the final result corresponds to a card already drawn, it means that the meaning of the extracted blade is reinforced.

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