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I talked to you here about the needs of our bodies. Let’s zoom in on the beauty of everyday life , the favorite food of our astral body!

The astral body married to the imagination

The imagination and the astral body are lovingly linked. They intertwine and come together, giving birth to beautiful landscapes and sumptuous characters around us. For the energies of our astral body to be elevated and positive, there’s nothing like moving in a handsome and happy environment.


Embellish our everyday life…

Beauty on you

When we feel good in our body and with ourselves, we feel good with others. That’s why it’s important to treat yourself by looking after your image . There is no question here of running after the latest trend, rushing to the hairdresser’s for the new fashionable haircut or melting his blue card for a dressing room filled with designer clothes. It’s about taking care of yourself, with little touches and nice details.
Of course, beauty is subjective : for example, I like wearing green, while my neighbor might hate that color. However, I wear it to please me, because this color is a joy to me and that I find that it suits me well. It’s the same for you: pamper yourself, take time for yourself. Wear clothes that are pleasing to you, choose colors that brighten your spirit, dare hairstyles that make you happy. Take care of your skin, your posture, your way of being with yourself and others. Spread aside the aggressive behaviors or vulgarity of your everyday life. Opt for peace, tranquility, simplicity, a smile.
Hygiene is also very important. There is no question here of taking 10 showers a day in order to be sure of not feeling bad. It’s about taking the time to wash, to relax under the hot water, to enjoy the scents of soap and the softness of our skin. It can boost our morale in just a few minutes.

Being gentle with oneself and taking care of oneself is necessary to have a good self-image. We regain confidence, we dare more, we are more sure of ourselves. By having a compassionate and positive look on us, we have it on the rest of the world.

Beauty at home

At home, it’s your cocoon . You sleep, you eat, you invite people, you share cozy moments with your family, your roommates, your pets or with yourself. It’s important to feel good at home!

* Leave room for light at home. This recharges the energies of your home positively and livens up the mood.
* Keep the trash bazaar . If you do not have a lot of furniture or not much room, you can opt for small storage boxes for example. Objects, stagnant clothes on the floor or on the furniture in clutter for days are the preferred nest of energetic parasites. The energies stagnate and lose their vibratory intensity. Thus, it drastically reduces the vibratory rate of your home and your mind will not fail to feel it.
* Opt for colors! Green, yellow, orange, blue, red, whatever, but let’s get out of life! If you prefer sobriety, or white and black, nothing prevents you to add a few touches of color on the walls or furniture, with a small frame, a trinket, or a plant for example.
* Make the greenery come in. There’s nothing like plants and flowers to recharge the energies. You can see in this article what are cleansing plants , to kill two birds with one stone!

(You can also browse deco magazines to find ideas and pique those that please you!)

Beauty outside

Once all.e beautiful / beautiful in your beautiful habitat, you have to find the air outside. From work to walks, be attentive to the beauty of things.

* At Work : If you have a desk, you can decorate it to add a personal and pretty touch to your business. A plant, a frame, a bauble …
* Elsewhere : go for walks in the forest, by the sea, in the country, and focus on your senses. What do you feel? What do you see ? What do you feel ? Admire the sky, the flowers, the water, the smells. It will fill your heart and your mind with joy and positive energies!

Feel free to find other ideas for yourself to beautify your everyday life. The important thing is to focus on what you like to do, what you think is pretty, and to spend as much time as you can!



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