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How to regain self-confidence?


Who said life was a long calm river? Sowed with pitfalls, our path can sometimes discourage us. And yet, it is in the most chaotic moments that we realize our strength!

The loss of self-confidence often goes hand-in-hand with failures, disappointments, too many pitfalls and disputes of all kinds. How to maintain self-confidence to overcome the trials of life and smile at the unpleasant surprises that the Universe sends us? That’s what we’ll see together right away.

The smile: the most motivating snub

Yes, it’s stupid, but a smile in the morning can change many things. You do not have anyone to smile at? Are you sure? And who is this person that you see every morning in your mirror?
Do you smile . Facing your mirror, be indulgent and kind. Make yourself your best smile, and compliment yourself. “I’m a good person”, “I’ll get by”, “I’m going to get there”, “I’m having a good day”, “I’m beautiful / beautiful”, “I’m proud of myself”, ” I feel good with what I have accomplished so far. ”
Also remember to thank (heaven, your God, mother nature, life, yourself) for all that you have done / had / lived until then.
Take a look at your worries, smile under the storm. The day will be much softer!

Take a step back from others opinion


No one can escape some remonstrances or other inappropriate remarks. It’s like that, you have to accept it. But be careful not to take too seriously the opinion of others! Remember that you are the only one who knows what you are, who you are and where you are going. Nobody has the right to dictate you your actions or to appropriate your little person. You do not belong to anyone except to Mother Nature, you are a human among many others who try like everyone to make a path of life pleasant and flowery. Just forget for a moment what others are saying about you, throw the negative remarks in the trash. Come out for yourself, have a coffee on the terrace all by yourself, take a stroll by the sea or in the forest, recharge your energies and enjoy a moment of your little bubble. Protect. Even 15 minutes a day, take time for yourself, just for you. You will see how you feel light. And do not forget: the thoughts of others are composed of 90% of questions about their little person and 10% about life in general. And you … You represent, what … 0.10% of their thoughts maybe? So frankly, is it worth it to take the lead for such a small percentage?



If you do not know where you are going, look where you are from. Contemplate the incredible path you have already traveled. Look how brave you have been and how strong you are. Be aware of the incredible warrior within you. All these obstacles that you have overcome and which seemed insurmountable are now only small ants in a grove on the side of your road. So who is the strongest?

Get organized

Ask yourself what you really want. Do the goals you want to achieve right now are really the result of your passion or the little poison advised by others?
Set goals that are simple and easy to reach. You know that you can reach the end easily, calmly. No stress, go easy. And hop, a little bonus of joy once the easy goal is reached!

Here are some questions to ask yourself to facilitate your meditation:
Am I proud of what I have achieved so far?
What could I change to achieve happiness?
What do I really want to do today?

Prefer to be than to have

Concentrate on the verb to be and not the verb to have. This will allow you to be more attentive to yourself. Replace the “what do I want?” by the “who am I?” Concentrate on what you have already accomplished rather than on the “gaps” that are growing. You will see that eventually you are not so badly off. Breathe yourself, dare to get out of the nails if you have to. By listening to yourself, you will be fully aware of what you need to express your true nature. Do not try to impress others, you will inevitably disappoint someone and your confidence in you already shaken will be wrong. Seek rather to satisfy your nature and your soul. You will be very satisfied!

Do not be afraid to be criticized: it’s proof that you become someone.



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