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The needs of our bodies


When we talk about bodies, we think about our physical body: the one we see with the naked eye, the one that we can feel, touch, move. But did you know that we are actually equipped with seven bodies, with the property of interfering and moving in the different levels of Creation *?
* Reminder of 3 shots: the physical, the astral and the spiritual.

The seven bodies

Our seven bodies are like Russian dolls: they all fit together and form one, although they differ from each other. Each has one or more property (s) well defined, a shape and a vibration own. They interact with each other. If one is sick, the others will become so. If one is balanced, the others will adapt.

The physical body is the one I mentioned at the beginning of this article: it can be distinguished, touched, and easily felt.
The etheric body encompasses our physical body. It is also known as vital body . It surrounds our physical body a few centimeters. It is the vital energy that allows us to move.
The astral body encompasses our etheric body. It has a unique energy and has the particularity of producing shapes that we imagine, that we feel, that correspond to us. It is in a way connected to our imagination.
The mental body marries our astral body. It is broad and allows us to travel in the community universe (the one that gathers the thoughts, the beliefs of the whole humanity).
The causal body is an intermediate body. He is the one who followed us from the original Source until we arrived in flesh and bone on this earth.
The spiritual body and the divine body , our last two bodies, encompass the others (the Russian dolls, remember?). The divine body envelops the spiritual body. They are the ones that connect us to the Mother Earth, the divine, the origin, the whole.


The needs of our bodies

In order to maintain a balance and good health of our bodies, it is necessary to meet their needs. And these needs, it is very likely that you fill them already without even knowing what body you feed. Our soul and our spirit guide us, push us to act in this or that way to feel better, to evolve. These actions feed our bodies!
Let’s see how to fulfill the needs of our etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies…

The etheric body needs… to eat. Yum! To please the vital body, what better than to nourish it with life? In order to renew the energies of the etheric body and maintain a certain balance, do not hesitate to eat living food. Raw fruits and vegetables will delight the vital body because they are bursting with vital energy. But do not ban good homemade dishes with lots of love, because the concept of pleasure in food is very important. The love brought in the dishes you will ingest will fill you with happiness and spread the love within you and around you.

The astral body needs … Of beauty. What is better than beauty to delight our married body to the imagination? Beauty, of course, is subjective. But keep in mind that it is important to surround yourself with beautiful. Enjoy yourself, pamper the inside of your home, feel good in your clothes, have a posture and a way to be pleasant, for ourselves and that will benefit others. When I mention “the others”, I do not mean to please others, and to act according to what they would like us to be. I explain that it is necessary to please, to charm oneself, to find oneself beautiful / beautiful: thus, what will emanate from us will be beauty and agreeability . To love oneself before loving others, to love oneself to love others. My next article will discuss all of these ways in which we can cultivate beauty everyday to delight the needs of our astral body.

The mental body needs … Of truth. For our head to turn round, you have to be good in your sneakers and not believe anything and everything. The goal here is to teach not to run away hurtful or hard-to-accept truths to avoid suffering. It is necessary in life to face things and find ways to accept the truth without hurting ourselves. It is normal to feel irritating, disturbing emotions: it’s all about learning to do with and turning frustration into understanding. Once we have been able to slide all the truths within us, the needs of our mental body are filled.

The causal body needs… Communication. The causal body causes. The energy of this body is also that of our soul, so we can not really say that it has needs. Because whatever we do, this energy will not die. However, it can change! She can get sick, weaken (negative energy) or wake up, shine (positive energy). For this, we need to communicate . It can be in the form of deep discussions with different people, talking about spirituality, deep aspirations, what could elevate us. It can be expressed in the form of communication with our own soul. Thank her, deeply, sincerely. Our soul is always there, it watches us, protects us. It is necessary to establish a connection between our physical and our spiritual. If we do not know how to express ourselves or others, or if we do it badly, we will close to causal energy, or suffer a severe imbalance. I will explain in a future article how to discuss with oneself, with others, in order to nourish our causal body as a leader.

Take care of yourself … Feed yourself, marvel … Live and love yourself!



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