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Palmistry: The shape of the hands

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The shape of the hands.

Each hand shape has a number of associated character traits.

(To measure the palm, move from the wrist to the base of the fingers.)

There are 4 categories in which are classified the different forms of hand.

Catégorie 1. Element : Earth.


Shape : The palm and the fingers are wide and square.

Skin : thick.

Color : reddish.

The length of the palm is equal to the length of fingers.

This represents individuals with strong values. They are energetic, but also stubborn.

Their minds are practical and responsible. They can be materialistic. Often, they are people who work with their hands. They are comfortable with what is concrete, material.

Catégorie 2. Element : Air.


Shape : The palm of the hand is square, or rectangular. The fingers are long. Sometimes the joints can be prominent. Thumb implantation is usually quite low.

Skin : dry.

The length of the palm is less than the length of the fingers.

This represents sociable, talkative, witty individuals. They can be superficial, even nasty and cold. They are intellectual, are not comfortable with the material. They prefer what is abstract. They act differently from others, radically.

Catégorie 3. Element : Water.


Forme : The palm is long and oval. The fingers are long, conical, and flexible.

The length of the palm is equal to that of the fingers, but the palm is longer than wide.

It represents creative, insightful, and likeable individuals. They may have frequent mood swings because they are very sensitive, shy, introverted individuals. They act calmly and follow their intuition.

Catégorie 4. Element : Fire.


Forme : The palm is square or rectangular. The fingers are short.
Color : reddish or pink.

The palm is longer than the fingers.

This represents spontaneous, enthusiastic and very optimistic individuals. They can, however, be selfish, impulsive, even insensitive. These people are very extroverted, they act in a daring, instinctive way.


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