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Have not you noticed very sudden changes in you in recent days? Your mood changes, a different energy guides you, seen react differently than usual … Your days change, your aspirations too, a complete reorganization of your life is preparing …

This is normal: September 9, 2016 , which is 9.9.9 (because 2016 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9), was a very special energy day. Indeed: the big 999 climbing gate has opened!

In addition, this energy portal opens between two eclipses : that of September 1 (solar eclipse) and that of September 16 (lunar eclipse) >.

Symbolism of 9


9 is the number of meditation, harmony, patience . His energy vibrates within us the perfection, the inspiration and the plenitude of the gifts. It is the last digit of a cycle, the first before the 1: it is the finish, the blossoming, the end of a digital series. He also represents the gestation of Man (9months) .
Freemasons have made this number the eternal and the symbol of human immortality.

In Egypt and Greece , the number 9 was considered sacred. The Aztecs saw in this number the symbols of earthly and nocturnal things, everything that takes time to materialize and which flourishes majestically. For the Hebrews , he was for a long time the symbol of the truth. The Taoists see the number 9 as the totality, the number favorable to eternity.

The 9th is also the representation of the three divine manifestations of the three planes: the world of the soul, the world of the spirit, the world of matter, as well as the triple manifestation of the Trinity (3×3 = 9).

The number 9 has the incredible property of being able to reproduce itself when multiplied by any other number. It represents the matter that can not be destroyed.

9th, 99th and 999 represent the infinitely large.

What is an energy portal?

Let’s look at the energy gate as a big briefcase that only opens when we are ready to welcome what is hidden inside. When this briefcase opens, a wave of energies that we need to evolve into our lives invades us, and the vibrations of the portal embrace the earth like a cocoon.

What are the changes made by the triple 9 portal?


This new portal brings us majestic changes that it is strongly recommended to enjoy.

Thanks to the energies emanating from 999, we enjoy a highly anticipated renewal and a serenity that delighted the spirits.

* We are able to pay more attention to our actions, to our words, and we focus on the consequences of the latter .
* We want to give the best of ourselves, for others and especially for ourselves.
* We are irresistibly attracted by sweetness, simplicity, Love .
* We need and want simple things that feed both heart and soul .
* We focus more on the present moment and think less about the future, eliminating unnecessary and toxic anxieties.
* A new philosophy comes alive in us, we re-balance according to our needs and desires, we blossom.
* The lived experiences are seen from another angle, in height, we have more perspective on our emotions and our actions.
* Each surprise of life is experienced as an opportunity to seize , an opportunity to evolve, to grow.
* We position ourselves as an actor rather than a spectator.
* We take the time to breathe, to recharge our batteries .
* We are more attentive to the small details of life that seemed to us, before, insignificant.
* We feel ready to realize our deepest dreams .
* Our fears and anguishes disappear and give way to our strength and our courage .
* We are attracted by people with higher vibrations than usual.
* We are guided by a need to take an interest in Humanity, the Self, well-being and energies.
* Negative situations will seem less insurmountable.
* A bubble of love surrounds us and seems to let no bad waves penetrate it.
* We are protected by soft, light energy .

Since Friday, many people have told me about a certain discomfort they felt, physical pain occurred suddenly accompanying them. Do not worry, your body and mind adjust to the new portal. Old wounds can resurface, and must resurface to eliminate them once and for all. The motto is home : welcome your emotions as they are and give them the chance to leave (if they are toxic) or transform them.
It is possible that for the most sensitive of us, this discomfort or these emotional lifts are still a few days, even a few weeks. Everyone is going at their own pace to adapt to this new wave of energies. What is certain is that we must not hang. Let’s let flow in us emotions that ask to go out.

Enter the Light, and welcome the changes with serenity.


See you soon, Mary

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