Coffee Reading


Black like the devil,
Hot as hell,
Pure as an angel,
Sweet as Love!

Coffee has inspired many artists …
Know that in addition to inspiration, coffee brings us revelations about the future , provided you keep your mind open …

The art of divination using coffee, specifically the forms of coffee residue in a cup, is called cafedomancie .
Although these origins are uncertain, cafedomancie remains a widespread custom throughout the world, but especially in eastern countries .
Reading in a cup of coffee is both a very good exercise in order to develop your gift of clairvoyance , but also a good way to share a friendly and enjoyable moment in good company .

Reading in the coffee requires a great concentration and especially a good control of symbols that we observe in the cup.
Thus, thanks to the articles below, you will be able to learn little by little the symbols associated with the various forms and varied which one can find in the cafe in the Turkish .
Step by step, go down the path of cafedomancie and become an ace of clairvoyance …
Quick Tip: Items are sorted alphabetically to make your search easier.
For my articles, I was inspired by a book specialized in cafedomancie: it’s about ‘reading in the coffee grounds’ by Sylvie Cariou . I highly recommend it to you.

Enjoy your visit!

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