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Coffee Cup Reading

Presentation of Coffee Cup Reading

Coffee Cup Reading is a divinatory art that comes from China. The ancient Chinese had the ritual of reading the omens inside the bells. Their cups of tea looked like bells when spilled. Thus, the cups were associated with the bells. One could read in the bells and cups of tea, thanks to the drawings formed by the tea leaves. Its forms have taken a divinatory meaning!

Coffee cup reading is a recent practice in Europe. Coffee science, although it has its origins in China with reading in tea, is widespread in the eastern countries particularly in Turkey with Turkish coffee reading. This practice of divination developed initially in the harems, then exported in France at the beginning of the XVIIe century.

What happens in a coffee cup reading??

After having make the coffee (see article below) : How to prepare your coffee for coffee reading?), invite your consultant to drink his coffee entirely. It is not recommended to add sugar, the pieces of which could change the forms of the marc. Once drunk, you can interpret the symbols of the shapes left by the marc. Indeed: the coffee residue leaves in the cup a multitude of shapes and symbols ready to be decrypted by you…

These forms respond to all kinds of concerns: love, health, work, money…

The more experienced you are, the more detailed the interpretation will be. It takes time to decode the many symbols of the coffee grounds, but many books are available to teach you how to spot and interpret them.

It is ideal to have plain white cups and plates to interpret symbols more easily. Thus, no pattern of the cup or plate could disturb the reading in the coffee grounds. The symbols are numerous and their interpretation is very personal, even if there are symbolic associations to know at the beginning of our path of Coffee Reader


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