Dreams interpretation

Dictionary of dreams and their meanings:

It’s said that everything starts with a dream …
Dare to interpret them!

See dreams as messengers. Knowing the meaning of dreams and interpreting them is therefore primordial for your life, for your projects and above all: to understand your future.
Albert Camus said that « you have to be able to dream when the dream lends itself to us ».
Lend yourself to your dreams by understanding their messages and by being interested in the symbolism of your dreamlike images …

In addition to the omens that they announce, the dream situations are the reflection of your unconscious.
Understanding your dreams can unravel what is going on in your subconscious. And, as everyone knows, we are definitely quieter when nothing dark or misunderstood in our unconscious … Put aside your sessions of psychoanalysis and opt for oneiromancy!
These articles below include many dream symbols as well as their psychoanalytical and esoteric interpretation. All omens, codes and signs are decrypted here. So, you can interpret your dreams yourself.
How to interpret your dreams yourself?
It is very simple ! Just browse through the articles below, sorted by alphabetical order, and remember the interpretations for your dreamlike images.
I have dedicated an article specially designed to guide you through the interpretation of dreamlike messages and introduce you to oneiromancy …
For my articles, I’m inspired by the best book on dream interpretation I’ve read so far, at least, the most complete and easy to read: Pamela Ball’s Illustrated Dictionary of Dreams, which I advise everyone.
Good visit to all dreamers…