Dreams interpretation Letter M

Dreaming of a mirror

Dream of a mirror

Meanings of dreams: dreaming of mirror.

Symbols : concern, anxiety, past, understanding, wisdom, revelations, aging.

In psychoanalysis …

If you dream of a mirror, it can express:
* The fact that you worry about your image.
* The fact that you are worried about what people think of you.
* Your desire to examine yourself in order to function properly.
* The old age that grieves you.
* Your health that worries you.
* The desire to look behind us without others knowing.
* A past behavior that you remember
* The need to think about something you have done or said.
* Revelations acquired striking.

If your mirror image is distorted, it means you have trouble understanding yourself.
If the image in your mirror speaks to you, it means that you should be more attentive to your inner self.


The mirror represents self-fulfillment, it also reflects wisdom. By dreaming of a mirror, we try to understand each other more deeply.
It is possible to establish a dialogue in the waking life between one’s own image and oneself.

Dreaming of a mirror

Remember that interpretations may differ according to the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret ones own dreams. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.


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