Dreams interpretation Letter C

Dreaming of clock

Dream of clock

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of clock.

Symbols : passage of time, era, awareness.

In psychoanalysis…
If you dream of a clock, this can express:
* The passage of time.
Advice: give more time to yourself and those around you, redefine your priorities, don’t get embittered.
* A feeling of rushing too much, of being in a hurry for one or more actions.
* A danger, in the event that an alarm rings.
Advice: if you have retained the numbers pointed by the hands, go to the section Numérologie from Psychic Sphere. Each number has a special meaning.

On the esoteric side…

You become aware of your time, of time.

Dreaming of clock

Please keep in mind that interpretations may differ depending on the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret your dreams yourself. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.

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