Dreams interpretation Letter P

Dream of being pregnant

dream of pregnancy

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of pregnancy , dreaming of being pregnant.

Symbols : Expectation, project, completion, gestation, novelty, potential, creativity, development, personality, observation, ability, projection, responsibility, nature.

In psychoanalysis …

If you dream of pregnancy, it can express:
* A extended wait period .
* The completion of a project .
* A new area of ​​your potential or your personality .
* The development of part of your personality .
* Your observer position · rice : You are observing parts of yourself, developing new abilities and characteristics.
* In case you dream of a man’s pregnancy, it means you want to see this man take responsibility for your life .

It can also indicate pregnancy in someone around you, but it’s still rare .

Spiritually …

Gestation is inevitable in spiritual work. In order to accomplish a task or achieve a spiritual goal, it is necessary to wait . Patience is required and that’s what your dream tells you. You must wait for the natural process to take place in order to accomplish your task.

dreaming of pregnancy

Remember that interpretations may differ according to the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret ones own dreams. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.


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