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The infallible oracle, draw the cards yourself


Hi Everyone!

A few months ago I told you how to draw the cards yourself for your couple . I had a lot of positive feedback, many cartomancial apprentices had appreciated this simple, fast and fair method. Today, I will explain « The Infallible Oracle », which can be done for oneself or for a consultant.

This method is perfect for a journeyman apprentice and an expert. It is very simple and fast, and gives surprising results. Like what, no need for many cards to be surprised by the accuracy of the cartomancy …

You need …

All your major arcana cards (only the major ).
Your third eye open and your concentration to the fullest!

Shuffle the cards face down.
Place them online.
Draw five cards: the fourth, the eighth, the twelfth, the sixteenth, and the twentieth (from the left).
You can arrange these 5 cross cards (the first drawn card will be placed in the middle, the second card in the top right, the third card in the bottom right, the fourth card in the top left, the fifth card in the bottom left) or online (in the order of the draw).


The first card represents the consultant.
The second and the third represent the present of the consultant.
The fourth and the fifth announce the events of the future.

You can make this draw for yourself / for the same consultant 1 time in 3 weeks maximum .

With your cards, and good draw at all!


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