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Dreaming of baby

dream of baby

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of baby.

Symbols: vulnerability, innocence, curiosity, novelty.

The baby is the symbol of purity, of innocence, but also of the vulnerable side of your personality. It is also representative of the start of a new stage.

In psychoanalysis…

If you dream of a baby, it can express:

Your expectations which are not high. Your joys are pure and simple, in case the baby of your dream smiles.

The neglected aspects of your personality, in case the baby cries. Also, perhaps you have not achieved all of your objectives and it bothers you, or you have not kept certain commitments.

Your self-confidence regained, in case you find a baby.

Your feelings of vulnerability over which you have no control.

The fear that someone will discover your weaknesses, in case you dream of forgetting a baby or losing a baby somewhere.

Your dependence on those around you, in case you see a hungry baby.

The death / end of a part of yourself, in case you dream of a dead baby symbolizes the end of a part of yourself. A beginning is then underway.

Too partial use of your abilities, in case you dream of a neglected baby.

If you dream of a baby and it represents someone other than you, it means that you have to think about that person’s innocence, or that they may be hurt.

On the esoteric side…

Dreaming of a baby is the harbinger of small inconveniences in your daily life. It may, however, mean that you are looking for a sense of spiritual purity.

Dreaming of baby

Please keep in mind that interpretations may differ depending on the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret your dreams yourself. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.

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