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Dreaming of thunder

Dream of thunder

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of thunder or Dreaming of lightning

Symbols : emotion, shock, energy, mastery, lack of control, expression, power, disaster, ruin, cleansing, anger.

In psychoanalysis…

If you dream of thunder or lightning, it can express:
* The potential for an emotional outburst.
* The accumulation of your energy.
* The control of a situation that it is time to have.
* A potentially difficult situation.
* A powerful energy that emanates from you.
* The ruin.
* The disaster.
* A cleaning to do (emotionally for example).

Dream of lightning


Thunder, lightning and lightning were long regarded as the instruments of the Gods. Seeing it in a dream can therefore represent a divine anger, or else a very deep anger which touches the divine in you.

Remember that interpretations may differ according to the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret ones own dreams. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.


dream of thunder

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