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How to make lucid dreams?

lucid dreams

Many of you have wondered how to practice lucid dreams. Know that there are many methods, you can even invent yours! However, to guide the curious, I have concocted a list of valuable tips, which in my opinion are the basis for your conscience gives you the green light to rock you into the magical and cottony world of lucid dreams …

Keep in mind that lucid dreaming must be worked on regularly to fully discover all the abilities of our mind. It is a practice like any other, which requires time, perseverance, and allows freedom of expression and unlimited creation. And guess what? This practice is available to everyone, so take advantage of it!

Make your memory work everyday.

In a lucid dream, your brain is in control: the conscious and unconscious part are awake. It is necessary to train your brain to remember. Make your memory work: games, exercises, at each time out, train. Thus, when you fall asleep in order to make a lucid dream, this memory will be more strongly anchored in you, and will be more accessible..

lucid dream

Hold a dream notebook.

The famous dream book has nothing to prove for me. It is the essential to accustom one’s memory to keep the memories of dreams instead of giving them to eat to the unconscious at the second when one wakes up … You will become familiar with in addition to your dream world and it will be more easily recognizable when you dream. You will be very close to « but … I’m dreaming, there! »

Here: my article on the interpretation of dreams by yourself and the dream book.

Opt for psychoanalysis.

In my opinion, it is very important to be well in your sneakers to make lucid dreams. When we have understood and accepted each more or less dark corner of our being, our dreams are more easily acceptable and accepted. Imagine: in your dream, you are realizing a fantasy that you repress completely. It is definitely not at this moment that you will be able to make a lucid dream, since the conscience will prohibit you the conscious access of the dream! If instead you know, understand and accept this fantasy, you can very well realize that you are dreaming and why not spice this fantasy!


Or meditation.

Fudging in his subconscious is the best way I have found to make peace with oneself and to understand, accept and flourish. By making peace with yourself and knowing certain nooks of your subconscious, your consciousness will be less afraid to wake up in the middle of a dream! Psychoanalysis or meditation, or another method, choose your favorite and put yourself there. It is necessary that you know your mind perfectly to soften your consciousness and let it open the door of your dream world…

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Before sleeping, speak to yourself and imagine

Do not hesitate to talk to you before sleeping. Do you say: « tonight, I’m going to have a lucid dream ». Or « my nap is a training lucid dream ». Write it if your memory is rather visual.
Also, you can start to imagine a dream before falling asleep. There is a good chance that when you fall asleep, you continue the scenario! This will train your brain to remember that you started this scenario BEFORE you fall asleep. Your conscience will be able to wake up quietly and give more easily the green light to make you switch into lucid dreaming!

Lucid dreams are revealing and very interesting. It is an unforgettable experience that I wish you all. They allow us to explore our unconscious in a deep and conscious way. You can abuse it: it’s very funny and totally legal!

how to make lucid dreams


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