Year 2016


The year in 9


Yes ! This year is beautiful and well placed under the sign of the mystic and conscious number 9 . A symbol of knowledge, of the spiritual and of compassion, the new one pushes us to have a serious reflection on the meaning of life, to redefine our priorities and to assume our values.

The year 2016 opens a new dimension to our existence. « To be authentic and altruistic », here is our mantra. There is no more room for false pretenses, and we must say that anyway, we did not even want.
The new one helps us to realize that the world must be more equitable and that we all have the strength to contribute to this grand project. We feel psychically growing , we become aware that we are « capable of », we want to give ourselves for others.

The time is up for final transformation and well prepared. We know what we want, we know what we do not want anymore. Our goals become clearer and our senses are sharpened. Strength is in everyone!

& Do not forget that the 9 ends all that was started by the previous figures … After this year, the loop will be completed and we will start a new one.

The Divine Spirit


The year 2016 carries with it the energy of a deep idealism and an unlimited compassion. Spiritual values rock the year of the 9th. We are finally ready to spend all our time realizing our utopian dreams: the money loses its value, the time is taken sufficiently and the energy in the air is deeply positive. It is by giving that we are satisfied. Primary pleasures become secondary. One wonders « why? How? » We improve, we get free, we open .

Our intuition is very developed and our attraction for the spiritual is growing day by day. We become aware of the needs of our mind and the wonders that surround us.

See larger


We dwell less on small details without importance. This year, we see wide, far, big. We open our minds, we drop prejudices. We no longer have time to devote to vile and useless behavior. We become imaginative, creative, we feel able to reveal the potential of our environment.

Be careful because this way of thinking is double-edged! We only accept with difficulty the imperfections of this world and of ourselves. It would be very easy to remain in denial. Also, this need to see big can push us to never relax our efforts and continue to realize our greatest creations, even if we do not listen to ourselves any more.
It is necessary to find the right balance and accept its natural limits as well as those of others, while biting life to the fullest. 2016 invites us to find balance.

Enthusiasm and sacrifice


This year we will be happy to contribute to our own happiness as well as that of others and we finally accept the need for sacrifice.
The 9th invites us to share, to sacrifice ourselves for a greater purpose, and above all, it leads us to expect nothing in return.

The more we give by pure generosity, the more we will receive. The lessons we learned in recent years will prove useful in 2016. We are true, honest and upright. A positive force puts us on the mountain of happiness and our selflessness propels us to the top.

Harmony, nature and love


The one who is not in harmony with himself and the one who is too focused on himself will be plagued by the flames of 2016. It’s easy to blame others for his problems, to be mean or ugly, but this is not the spirit of the year 2016. It is necessary to accept his personality and to do with giving the best of ourselves. Remember that each default is associated with a quality, is conversely … Turn things to your advantage and that of others also.

The key is to stay honest with yourself and find your own balance. The year of the 9th gives us the chance to love without counting, to better understand each other and to blossom fully.


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