Know your deep aspiration and flourish


By using numerology , we can determine our deep aspiration number . By calculating it and discovering it, it allows us to better understand ourselves. It makes our life better and better .

What kind of help brings us our deep aspiration number?

Knowing our deep aspiration allows us to fulfill two conditions that allow us to have a fulfilled and successful life :
* The first is: know yourself well .
If our deep aspiration is number 3, for example, it is advisable not to repress our energy and to give everything: we need to express ourselves, we are positive and creative: let’s assume it! Thus, our desires will cease to be repressed and we will regain confidence in ourselves.

* The second concerns the knowledge of the aspirations of one’s neighbor.
Knowing the deep aspiration of someone around us, we help them to flourish fully. He can quickly become a loyal friend or even a partner happy. We will know how to fill it and how not to frustrate it.
For example, if the number of aspiration of one of your friends is the 9, prefer to speak to him of feelings, trips, solicit his affection … Do not hold him in any case a rigorous, interested and cold speech : it would make him run away immediately!


How to determine our deep aspiration?

* Take again the Tripoli alphabet (which you can find here: Tripoli Alphabet)
* Take a sheet and a pen.
* Write on this sheet your name and your first name.
* Place the corresponding number above each vowel.
* Add numbers to get a number less than or equal to 9. If the result is 11, or 22, keep it.

For example :

5+1 + 3+6


So: 5+1+3+6 = 15
15 so 1+5 = 6

Léa Dupont inspiration number is the 6.

It’s your turn!
What is your inspiration number?



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