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Dream of bee

dream of bees

Dream interpretation: Dream of bee.

Symbols : something to fear, but also something to tame, and to use.

Origins:  A legend tells that bees were born in the belly of a sacrificed bull. Re (or Ra), sun god in Egyptian mythology, who was honored in the form of a bull in Memphis. He then took the name of Apis, the embodiment of the God Ptah

The bee at Eleusis symbolized clairvoyance, wisdom. Thus the priestesses of Ephesus and Greece were called bees, the messengers of the Gods.

In the 4th book of the Georgics, it is explained by Virgil that the bees would be a part of the Spirit of God. Immortal, they would go straight to heaven.

According to Plato, wise and sober men would reincarnate as bees

Napoleon’s coat was adorned with so-called Merovingian bees, replacing the fleur-de-lis.

For Christianity, the bee is the emblem of the resurrection.

The bees symbolize the royal and the divine. It would seem that they are the nurturers the Gods.

In psychoanalysis…

The bee is a very positive symbol in the dream. Indeed: it is one of the insects having a direct relationship with humans. It can symbolize the place of an individual in a group, surpassing oneself, collective work, a project…

She is also representative of « the female industry », of harmony, of fertility, of organization.

If you dream of a bee, it can express:

* Your need for teamwork.

* Your need for organization.

* Your apprehension or excitement about a job that you have to do as a team.

* An awareness of your place in a group.

* The ease or difficulty of investing in a group project.

* Your spiritual renewal.

On the esoteric side…

* If several bees are working in your dream, see it as a very good omen for your professional projects.

* The bee swarm symbolizes a result: the reward you will receive for your work will be equal to the final result.. 

* If the bee swarm moves away from you or if the bees leave this swarm, beware: your work may benefit someone other than you…

* Do you dream of bees making their honey at home? This is an omen of reward and fortune.

* If a bee stings you, beware! You risk arguing stupidly with your loved ones. It may also be that someone wants to damage your reputation or want to torment you.

Advice: Take care of yourself, weigh the pros and cons before acting.

* You catch or kill bees: this does not presage a serene period in your life. You may face a difficult, tormented period and you will feel bothered. Remember the wheel is spinning: keep an eye on your goals.

* If a bee is given as a gift, a good marriage is expected.

* Bees land on flowers? Hello success, reward and considerable gain !

* A bee lands on you? Happy love in previewn.

* Seeing bees in their hive is the presage of a heritage.

dreaming of bee

* Be careful not to confuse bees, which have a very positive symbolism, and wasps, which rather have a negative symbolism.

Remember that interpretations can differ depending on the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret your dreams yourself. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.

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