Dreams interpretation

Dreams: Introduction

dreams signification

« The dream is the royal way of access to the unconscious ».

« Dreams are the literature of sleep ».

Jean Cocteau

« Dreaming is scrutinizing the stars and knowing how to interpret their message ».


Dream Interpretation.

dreams interpretation

The belief that dreams have a divine origin is universal. According to the Egyptians of the tenth dynasty, dreams have premonitory virtues. In order to « decrypt » them, they used the key to dreams.


mythology of dreams

Greek mythology also refers to dreams and their divine origins (Zeus sending messages to Agamemnon, Morpheus, etc …)


dream platon

According to Plato, the dream is the place where shameful desires, suppressed by day, are realized. (Small treatise on natural history, Aristotle)


dreams freud

Freud studied the question of dream interpretation a lot. One of his works « Interpretation of Dreams », which was published at the end of 1899, offers us a whole new facet of dreams. The psychoanalyst presents dreams to us as a means of fulfilling our repressed desires, in order to satisfy us. The magical and absurd character of the dream is then missing.


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