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Dreaming of lamb

Dreaming of lamb

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of lamb

Symbols : innocent aspect of human nature, but also fragility, vulnerability. It also has a religious connotation in Christianity.

Origins: It is said that evil cannot bear such innocence.

The lamb is related to the figure of Christ in the Bible. It symbolizes pure heart, tenderness. It is an animal very close to the divinity, it would have great purifying and redemptive powers..

The white lamb is the symbol of purifying light, an awareness. It relieves dreamers of its torments and anxieties.

In psychoanalysis…

A sacrificed lamb can symbolize the loss of an illusion, the sacrifice of a desire linked to childhood. This sacrifice can be beneficial or harmful, positive or negative. When we dream that a lamb is devoured by the wolf, it represents the loss of a share of innocence whose cause is external. It is aggressive and too sudden: you were not prepared to see the share of naivety being engulfed by a « wolf ». Protect yourself from the attacks of those around you.

A flock of lambs is representative of the gregarious instinct. Perhaps you need contact with your fellow men.

Tips: favor moments with friends, family, moments in community.

Warning! The « gregarious instinct » side is double-edged: do not blindly follow others, do not lose sight of your objectives.

If you dream of a lamb, this can express:

* The difficulty of expressing yourself during a period that you are going through.

* Difficulty making your own decisions because you place too much importance on the looks of others and their opinions towards you..

* Your innocence taking away..

On the esoteric side…

* A flock of lamb present in a dream is a sign of family joy and harmony.
* If you carry a lamb, it means that happiness and peace surround you. Prosperity is announced.
* A lamb is coming towards you? On the business side: take advantage of an upcoming opportunity. On the love side: Your wedding promises to be advantageous.
* If you eat a lamb, it bodes well for pleasure.
* Hearing lamb bleats presages a birth.
* If you dream that you are taking care of the lambs, that you see them grazing, sleeping, and that you have to kill them is a sign of temporary trouble. Stay alert.
* A black lamb is a health warning.

Tips: Make an appointment with your doctor to make sure everything is fine.

* Do you start following lambs in your dream? This presages a sweet prospect of happiness in your old age..

* Petting a lamb is a sign of your spouse’s loyalty to you.

* If it is the lamb that caresses you, you will have many children.

* Seeing a lamb is a sign of near consolation for your grief..

* Seeing a sleeping lamb reveals the serenity of your mind.

* Seeing a lamb graze on the grass is synonymous with joy that takes hold of you..

* If you carry a lamb on your back, your happiness is near.

* If you are looking for a lost lamb, you will get satisfaction with a project or your relationships.

* If you see a lamb jumping happily, it means your children will give you lots of happiness.

Dream of lamb

Please keep in mind that interpretations may differ depending on the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret your dreams yourself. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.

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