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Dreaming of feather

Dream of feather

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of feather.

Symbols: softness, lightness, sky, soul.

Origins: The feather is synonymous, in many traditions, with an air power. It is a lunar symbol, and a symbol of plant growth. It is said that « it is from heaven where feathers and prayers rise that the fertilizing rain will descend ». The eagle feather, for example, is used as a divination tool. That of the owl would protect its owner overnight.

Native American feather headdresses are a collection of exploits, but also a symbol of protection with the Great Mystery.

The feather capes would give those who wore them the ability to travel to other spheres…

Peacock feather fans were used by the Saora to repel disease.

The feather duster would allow an energetic sweep.

The ostrich feather was used, in the tradition of ancient Egypt, for the weighing of souls (psychostasis).

In the tarot, on the arcane number XVI (the Maison-Dieu), the feather represents the beneficial punishment.

In psychoanalysis…

If you dream of a pen, perhaps you should consider the truth that is in a certain situation.
Advice: become calmer in your activities.

The feather is also representative of the flight to other parts of the Self. So it can represent your more spiritual aspect.

Advice: you should complete an action before resting.

If you dream of a feather, it can express:

* An important and delicate step to take, in case you dream of a writing feather.

* Success, if the feather is beautiful and large.

* Bad reputation, in case the feather is stained, naughty.

On the esoteric side…

* The feather represents the sky, the soul.

* If you dream that a bird offers you one of its feathers, this may express a link with totemism.

Advice: take into account the species of the bird.

* If you dream of white feathers, this presages great joy. It is also a very good omen for companies.

* If you dream of colored feathers, this presages meager satisfactions.

* Black feathers represent disgust, loss, but can also predict marriage or engagement, depending on the course of the dream.

* If you are covered in feathers, that represents your naivety.

* The red feather is representative of a bad reputation.

* The yellow feather presages disputes..

* The green feather portends disappointment.

Dreaming of feather


Please keep in mind that interpretations may differ depending on the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret your dreams yourself. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.

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