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Dreaming of eagle

Dreaming of eagle

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of an eagle.

Symbols : inspiration, strength, need for ascent but also pride.

OriginsThere is an ancient belief about eagles: if an eagle soared over your head, you risked becoming bald, and their wounds were very bad omens.

The eagle is the equivalent of the all-seeing eye, also a symbol of the vigilant God. It is also associated with royal figures.

He would be the messenger between the Gods and men, as well as between the sun and the earth.

It is linked to the figure of Vishnu, Zeus-Jupiter, Horus, and finally St John the Evangelist.

The eagles carved on the funeral monuments represent the promise of eternal life after the ordeal of life.

The eagle is a psychopomp.

According to the Sioux, it is also the closest animal to Wakan Tanka.

In psychoanalysis…

The eagle is a bird of prey. He is able to use all the opportunities presented to him.

The eagle may symbolize the need to get rid of old ideas or our old attitudes. 

It corresponds to the sharp mind, intelligence and mental energies.

It means that you are able to overcome the difficulties presented to you right now by the strength of your mind.


If you dream about eagle, it can express:

* A need for ascent.

* The need to take charge of your life.

* The need to be objective, to broaden your point of view.

* The need to get rid of your old habits.

On the esoteric side…

* If you see an eagle flying in the sky, your desires will come true soon and your projects will come to life.

* If, on the contrary, he is imprisoned (in an aviary, a cage, a room, etc.), he represents the family and the problems that can happen to him..

* If you shoot an eagle while hunting it, beware. You may suffer heavy losses from senseless actions.

* If it hits you, it’s likely that you’re putting too many subconscious barriers that block your true personality.

* White eagles soar above your head? Fortune announced! Beware however: it can also symbolize naivety. Do not get fooled !

* The black eagle represents poverty.

* Dreaming of a dead eagle can symbolize your rewarded efforts, your victory over a more experienced partner.

* If you manage to capture an eagle in your dream, it is likely that the return of a loved one will be announced..

* If you dream that you are eating a golden eagle or that it is falling on you, be very careful: it is possible that you will soon be exposed to a danger or you could be seriously injured and suffer from its consequences..

Tips: Take care of yourself and stay alert.

* Dreaming of a tamed eagle is the culmination of your successful projects!

dream of eagle

Please keep in mind that interpretations may differ depending on the symbols we personally associate with these themes. It is possible and interesting to interpret your dreams yourself. Go to the article: How to interpret dreams.


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