Dreams interpretation

How to interpret dreams

how to interpret dreams

« I love the one who dreams of the impossible. »

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The dream world is full of secrets, full of treasures. There are many possible interpretations of the different elements that appear in our dreams. However, the best way to understand these elements is to make our own interpretation of them. Obviously, we can help ourselves with the symbolism of dreams, whether psychoanalytic or esoteric. Here is a very simple and fast method which allows us to build our personal dictionary of dream interpretations.

Advice: Get a small notebook that will only be used to write down your dreams. It is important to leave it close to your bed, in case you can’t remember your dreams for very long.

Example of a dream notebook page:

onirism book of dreams

Here is a simple and effective method to interpret your dreams yourself:

  1. When you wake up, be sure to write down everything about what you remember about your dream (see the image above, for example). It can be in the form of drawings, writing, symbols… It doesn’t matter, as long as you manage to understand and remember your dream when you look at your notes. If your dreams are messed up, don’t try to force yourself to put them back together right away. It is very important to write down what you remember first, before your memories go into the abyssal depths of your unconscious…
  2. Make a list of keywords, corresponding to the symbols, events, recurring elements of your dream.
  3. You can then consult the (meaning of your dreams) keywords, and choose the one that suits you the most (psychoanalytic or esoteric). Otherwise, you can choose your own interpretation. To do this, you just have to write down next to each of your keywords the events, the people, the things, the words that come to mind when you think of this precise moment in your dream. If you think there is nothing to do with what comes to your mind, write it down and don’t stop there. You will see later that everything is linked.
  4. Take the time to think deeply about each of the interpretations that you have just read, or that you have just written yourself.
  5. After that, take care to write down the aspects of the dream that you think are the most important.
  6. So you will very quickly make the connections between all the situations that seemed far-fetched in your dreams, and you will understand why you dreamed of this or that situation.
  7. Keep writing in your little dream book as many days as you want.

By following this fast and effective method, your dreams will no longer hold any secrets for you!

dreams signification

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