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Dreaming of Peacock

Dream of Peacock

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of Peacock.

Symbols: understanding, rebirth, resurrection.

Story: The peacock was associated with the goddess Hera (goddess of fertility, of marriage, the protector of women and of the couple) in Greek Antiquity. Wife of Zeus, Hera therefore suspected husband of deception and was very jealous. She had the idea to hire Argos who had 100 eyes to monitor Zeus. It is said that fifty eyes slept while the remaining fifty were awake. Zeus noticed this and killed Argos. It was then that Hera deposited the hundred eyes of Argos on the plumage of the peacock.

The peacock is the symbol of immortality for Christians, its flesh was like the body of Christ in his tomb: rot-proof. The fall of its feathers in the spring would represent resurrection, renewal. Peacock blood was known for its ability to ward off demons.

In Egypt, the peacock feather symbolized justice. She was also a solar symbol.

The peacock wheel symbolizes the wheel of the law of gravity. It is said that the feather will free man from the weight of this world…

In psychoanalysis…

If you dream of a peacock, it indicates that you are developing your understanding.

It can also indicate that you are very proud.

If you dream of a peacock and you are a man, maybe you want to be successful with the female gender…

On the esoteric side…

The peacock is, like the phoenix, the symbol of rebirth, of the resurrection.

* If you dream of a peacock, it can represent your pride and your excessive ambition.

* If a peacock screams, it harbors damage.

* It bodes very well for companies.

* If you are a woman and you dream of a peacock, this may indicate that you want to meet your soul mate.

* If you dream of killing a peacock, it presages love.

* If a peacock shouts in your dream, this is the harbinger of a very important next meeting.

Dreaming of Peacock


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