How to purify your house or apartment?



How to purify your habitat?

Our habitats are like you and me: they fill up with positive and negative energies every day. Sometimes our habitat is full of negative energies and it is necessary to purify it. It’s a bit like us, when we feel wacky and we decide to take a little walk in the woods to recharge our batteries.

When our habitat is full of negative energies, it affects our morale: we feel tired, irritable, moody. It is therefore necessary to purify our little home from time to time: to lighten the soul of our little house / apartment!

There are many ways to purify our home. I have given you a non-exhaustive list of the simplest methods to carry out by yourself. Once your home is cleaned up, you will feel lighter and more able to focus on solving your daily hassles.

With Salt

purify your house with salt

* You can, before moving into your new house or your new apartment, cover your floor with salt. Leave your floor covered with salt overnight and then sweep your floor the next day. Make sure that all the salt is removed, because each little grain carries the old energies that it absorbed during the night. This method is practical if you have not yet moved in and you have no furniture and no decoration!

* If you feel overwhelmed by negative energies, place a little salt in a container (bowl, bowl, etc.) in the center of your main room.

* You can also sprinkle salt on the four corners of your rooms.

* In your bedroom, prefer salt under the bed, to ward off the negative energies caused by nightmares, arguments, and worries that you sometimes think about before sleeping.

* If you find that the negative energies around you are important, prefer the coarse salt to the small one. The size of the salt is proportional to the importance of your worries and to the negative energies that emanate from it.

With incense

purify your house with incense

Frankincense is a powerful purifier for your home! Some kinds of incense are more effective than others. Each incense has one or more properties, to know them, go to the following article: Propriétés des encens.
You can burn incense every day and this several times if you wish!
For me, this is the simplest and most effective method. I swear by that anymore 🙂 every morning, I burn incense and presto, the day begins!

With your astral body


This method is recommended for people whose spiritual and psychic faculties are advanced. It is easier to do for them. (If you are new to astral projection, choose another method: everything in its time! :))

Get out of your physical body astrally and grow the size of your house. Then push a ‘shield’ from the front of your house to the back, to purify it of all negative energies.

With meditation


To purify your habitat through meditation, you must have a stone and all your serenity.* Mettez-vous dans une position confortable.

* Place the chosen stone in the palm of your hand.
* Take a deep breath, relax.
* Imagine that the stone absorbs all the energies of your house. Let it absorb all the bad energies.

You will feel when the stone has reached its limits. It is then time to place it outside your home and to purify it (by passing it under incense for example).

By prayers


It is true that I am not in the habit of purifying my habitat with the help of prayer. So I can’t tell you if this method is effective and fast! However, here is a prayer allowing the purification of your habitat:

Dear Father / Mother turn your gaze to our home. Assist me to purify it of all that could harm us. Let your angels of light Love enter our house and purify it. May they bring peace on all fronts. May all those who live in these places know serenity and tranquility. Father / Mother almighty, place a Christ dome on our house so that Love shines even more in our lives and on earth. In the name of the Living Christ, I put our house under Your protection. In the name of my Divine Presence I Am it is accomplished. Amen.

Feng shui way


Did you know that there is a Feng Shui technique to purify your house or apartment? Yes ! There she is :

* Find inner peace and stay calm in your home. (It is best to be alone or to be sure that you will not be disturbed by the heckling of children, by the ringing telephone or by your dog’s barking).

* Bring incense sticks, candles, a bowl full of water, salt, a bell, a white tablecloth and pretty fresh flowers.

* Cover the main table of your house with the white tablecloth.

* Put the burning candle, the burning incense stick and the bowl of water.

* Ring the bell when everything is close.

* Place your hands above the bowl and imagine your positive energies coming into contact with the water.

* Relax, breathe deeply, and visualize your home full of light.

* Then take other incense sticks, the candles, the bell, the salt and the bowl with you.

* When you arrive in a room, ring the bell.

* Dip your fingers in the water and lightly splash the room you are in. Throw in a little salt.

* Then place an incense stick in a safe place and light a candle.

* Arrange the fresh flowers around the candle. Then clap your hands three times and stay still: think of all the positive energies you want to see in this room.

Perform this ritual in every room of your house.

With stones


Ah, the stones! One of my passions 🙂 In addition to being pretty and colorful, some of them are the best for purifying our habitat! In particular the tiger eye (photo above).

Placing a tiger eye stone above your front door will block entry of all negative energies and adverse events. Yes!


And now, thanks to these rituals, your house is all clean!

Which purification rituals do you prefer?
Do you have others to advise me?

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