Chakras: Introduction

chakras introduction


Chakra means ‘wheel’ or ‘disc’ in Sanskrit (sacred language of India).

They are the precise points of the body and are the centers of vital energies. Each chakra has a rotation, oriented either to the right or to the left.

Women have the reverse direction of their chakras compared to men.

* Women’s chakras.

Women’s odd chakras (1, 3, 5, 7) rotate counterclockwise.

Women’s even chakras (2, 4, 6) rotate clockwise.

* Men’s chakras.

The men’s odd chakras (1, 3, 5, 7) rotate clockwise.
Men’s even chakras (2, 4, 6) rotate counterclockwise.

This is a general rule. Sometimes the chakras are reversed and change direction. They then return to their original rotation.

The throat chakra is an amplifier. Its vibration is more powerful than the other chakras.

* The 7 main chakras are part of a set of 12 major chakras.

In this article, we will focus on the 7 main chakras.

They are located along the spine, from the coccyx to the top of the skull. They correspond to the 7 main glands of the endocrine system. The role of the chakras is to emit and receive the rhythmic vibrational energies and to act on the organs.

They belong to our etheric body.

Their shape resembles a 10 cm diameter funnel, as you can see below.

chakras shapes


Each chakra has a Sanskrit name and a specific color.


1* Muladhara Chakra, « I Am ». It is associated with the color red. It is the only chakra that opens towards the back of the body. It is located just below the coccyx and above the anus. It is the root chakra, or basic chakra, or the center of Kundalini.



2* Le Swadhisthana Chakra, « I feel ». It is associated with the color orange. It is located 5cm below the navel. It is the solar plexus. It’s the sacred chakra.



3* Manipura Chakra, « I want ». It is associated with the color yellow. It is located between 5 to 8 cm above the navel. It is the solar plexus.



4* Anahata Chakra, « I love ». It is associated with the color green. It is located near the point of the sternum. It’s the heart chakra.



5* Vishuddha Chakra, « I communicate ». It is associated with the light blue color. It is located in the hollow of the throat. It’s the laryngeal chakra.



6* Ajna Chakra, « I see ». It is associated with indigo blue. It is located on the front of the skull, behind the frontal bone and 1cm above the point between the two eyes. It’s the third eye chakra.



7* Sahasraha Chakra, « I know ». It is associated with purple, white or gold. It is located at the top of the skull, in the center of the fontanel. It’s the crown chakra



The energy between the chakras must be conveyed on a regular basis: neither too much, nor not enough. It is important to know that it is our thoughts that influence the opening of these energy centers. Our negative thoughts can create blockages and modify our energy flow: stress, prejudices, fear of the unknown are the main causes of this disorder.

For example, be aware that some sore throats can be linked to the throat chakra.

Sore throats related to Vishuddha Chakra frequently appear when:

* We are aware of the efforts to be made as to how we express ourselves.

* We just say bad things about others without foundation, or we just say bad things about someone and we realize that our words have exceeded our thinking.

* We don’t talk enough when we need to. Or, on the contrary, we talk too much, to say nothing.

Obviously, it is human to feel negative emotions, just as it is human to feel positive emotions. We can work on ourselves to get the most out of positive emotions and transform our negative emotions so that they don’t have an unhealthy hold on us. (art, meditation, yoga can help us to control our energy flows, our thoughts, our impulses etc …).

It is important to remain open to others, to get to know the people and places around us.

If one of our points is closed, the disorder takes hold of us. This can have repercussions on our organs, which, malnourished, lose their efficiency. We can be the victim of a vicious circle and fail to open up to others, and suffer from physical and emotional disorders which are the consequences of our uncontrolled actions or thoughts.



How to open your chakras?

Our chakras are already open. They can however be ‘blocked’ by stress, fear, etc…

Here are some articles that will explain how to « re-open » its chakras, thanks to:

Open your chakras using stones.

Open your chakras with meditation.

Open your chakras using Mantras.

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