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Lucid dreams: good or bad thing?

lucid dreams

Hello everyone ! And welcome to the land of dreams

Passionate by dreams and very curious, I looked at the question lucid dreams. There are many methods to be lucid in our dreams, most of which are very well explained on the internet. It will take more or less time according to the subject before reaching this state of dreamlike consciousness, which will be more or less intense according to the subjects also. But I do not want to expand on this in this article. I will do another article soon that will summarize some best methods to be lucid in our dreams.

Here, I wish to weigh the pros and cons of lucid dreams. I have often been asked the following question: « Is it good to make lucid dreams? » First… let’s make a point on this famous « is it good », who finally wants everything and say nothing. Is it good for ourselves? Is it good for our conscience? Is this good for our unconscious? Is this a good thing for our mental health? Physical? Should we do it more or less often? What is ‘good‘?
((In this article, good is equal to ‘good for health‘, ‘that promotes moral and physical health‘.))
We will answer the following questions: ‘Is this good for our mental health?‘ in other words, for the proper functioning of the inside of our little head!

lucid dream

What are dreams for?

Before asking if lucid dreams are good or not, it is important to understand what is the purpose of « normal » dreams.

* The dream ‘purifies’ the brain.
+ Hum… Purify? That is to say? The dream would be a somatic process of eliminating ‘undeveloped’ thoughts from the brain. According to Francis Crick and Graeme Mitchison, the dream is a process of forgetting. However, we do not know more about this mysterious sorting center: what information is considered insignificant or important? When? How? And by ‘who‘? …
+ Also, by dreaming, we maintain our neural circuits.

The dream, the outlet of the spirit.
+ Impossible to talk about the outlet of the mind without thinking of Freud or Jung. The dream would be the means of direct access to the subconscious and would reveal internal or external conflicts. The unstated impulses (or shameful!) disguise themselves to make themselves more acceptable to our spirit. That’s why, often, our dreams seem to be a hodgepodge without a tail or head …
+ By dreaming, we can all satisfy our impulses disguised (or not). In the early morning, we feel a little more relieved. For example, at full speed, we are dying for a chocolate cake. Well, our dear unconscious will send us in a dream quickly done well and will allow us to enjoy a good mellow chocolate hot. Yum, thank you Unconscious!
+ All of these far-fetched images and all these meaningless scenarios are actually symbols just waiting to be deciphered.

When the dream becomes law.

The dream allows us, of course, to satisfy our most secret impulses (leave room for the unconscious!) , but also to remind us to order (hello, dear conscience). Sometimes we put ourselves in place and / or we call to order in dreams. When ? Quite simply, when we exceeded the limits in waking life but were not fully aware of it. The unconscious, for its part, does not forget anything, and claps our fingers in dreams. Hey yes: this is where he speaks.

In summary, the dream allows us to relax, to let off steam, but also to send us signs when we exceed the limits. The dream is both a real game room, but also a little policeman! We are faced, in dreams, with thousands of possibilities made for us to let off steam and by the same, so that we understand each other a little more.

If you « do not dream », do not panic! It’s just that you do not remember. Everyone dreams… 🙂

And now, place to lucid dreams

what is lucid dream

What is a lucid dream?

When we are lucid in a dream, it means that we are aware that we are dreaming. We can go where we want, imagine what we want, be with whom we want, transform ourselves into what we want, and at the speed of thought. Our only limit is our imagination. But, is this really good for our mental health? We’ve seen how the ‘normal’ dream is beneficial for our psychic health. What about lucid dream ?

By opting for lucid dream, we explore our dream world consciously: we can say Farewell to the total expression of our unconscious! Our unconfessed or unavowable impulses can no longer be so easily satiated because:
* When we are awake, we are aware, and we suppress certain drives (which express themselves in a ‘normal’ dream).
* When we are in a lucid dream, we are also aware, so we can continue to repress these urges.
* We can not relieve ourselves and let off steam as freely in our lucid dream as in a ‘normal’ dream.

In addition, we may tend less to call to order, since in lucid dreaming, we are aware: the unconscious can express itself, but much more difficult than in a normal dream.

See that two beneficial characteristics of the normal dream are already absent, or less present in a lucid dream.

how to lucid dream

What can lucid dreams do for?

If our lucid dreams are very frequent, it is better that we find, in the waking life, an activity in which we can let our unconscious express themselves in order to failure to do it in our dreams. Drawing, painting, sports, music, theater, reading, dancing, etc. Choose what you prefer, as long as this method does no harm to anyone!
For experts in the realm of lucid dreams, there is an effective way to solve our internal conflicts in conscious dreams: here it is.
For example, if you hate a person in the waking life and meet him in a dream, try to give him love instead of hatred.
Your primary urges would surely push you to argue with her or even fight with her. But in a lucid dream, you are aware! Take the opportunity to develop your compassion and try a new way to resolve conflict. It will be beneficial.

what are lucid dreams for

In summary, I think lucid dreams are « dangerous » if they are too frequent: our mind is always conscious, it can tire. He too needs to rest !
However, if we can divert our lucid dreams into infinite sources of creation, or solve our problems peacefully, lucid dreams are then a good thing.

In any case, if you succeed in being lucid in your dreams, have fun and enjoy! You have a whole night to develop great powers: telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation … You can even voluntarily transform yourself into an animal, a little fairy, an elf, and discover magical and peaceful places. .. Climb on the back of a dragon, fly away with the birds, break out !

In dreams, everything is possible.

Well that’s all, I hope this article could help you. Remember that the opinion conveyed in this article is mine, not that of a doctor in a dream! It is shaped by what I read and what I learned about ‘normal’ and ‘lucid’ dreams. If your opinion is different from mine, or if you have knowledge to share with me, do not hesitate to contact me, or to leave a comment just at the bottom of the article. I am always very happy to learn more about the realm of dreams!
Good day / Good evening / Good night to all !!

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