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Superstitions on papers


Did you know that paper carries many superstitions?
Here they are (sorted below by Country of Origin). Happy reading!


* The paper on which it is written must not be crumpled, trampled, soiled or used.
* If we throw paper on the floor, we will lose friends.
* The seamstresses of England claim that we chase the work if we remove the dust from a table with a piece of paper.



* Destroying a manuscript paper is bad luck, unless it’s burned.



* In some parts of France (especially in the Ardennes), tearing paper into small pieces to sow them on the road keeps bad spirits away.
((Yes, it would seem that the spirits would seek to pick up bits of paper and forget about playing bad tricks …))
* We must always pick up a piece of paper that is found on our way.
(Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a great adventure …)
* If we pick up letter paper on the floor, we can expect to hear from a distant friend or relative.
* If a paper burning in our fireplace leaves black and round marks on the stone, it means that we will receive a letter from our best friend.



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