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What is lucid dream?

lucid dream

Hello everyone,,

I decided to talk to you about a subject that is very close to my heart: lucid dreams. Have you ever had the chance to experience this extraordinary adventure of lucid dreaming? 

what is lucid dream

What is lucid dream?

The lucid dream corresponds to a dream in which we are aware of being dreaming. It happens that in the middle of a dream, we realize that we are not in the waking life, but indeed dreaming! The next few seconds are punctuated by a very strange sensation, a mixture of excitement and / or stage fright. Most often, we wake up soon after discovering the lure. It is a technique of self-defense of our consciousness. (Yes, remember: according to certain theories – Freudian for example – dreams are the expression of the unconscious repressed by consciousness). You understand, if we wake up in the middle of a dream where we are realizing a fantasy that we dare not admit to ourselves, we may be a little upset anyway! Oups…

To explain what will follow, let me assign « levels » to lucid dreams. This will allow me to illustrate my remarks more easily. Here are the two levels of lucid dreams:
The first level is the lucid lambda dream, the one that everyone can experience without prior training. The dreamer realizes that he is dreaming, he enjoys a few seconds of his dream then wakes up. During this type of lucid dream, the dreamer continues to be carried away by the flow and remains a spectator, certainly more aware, but spectator nonetheless.
The second level is the lucid controlled dream, in which we can stay as long as we want and in which we can control the elements. The dreamer is an active participant.

Anyone can live a level 1 lucid dream without prior training. On the other hand, the level 2 lucid dream requires practice, a lot of practice.
But the important thing is to keep in mind that it is quite possible to train and get there!

lucid dreams

The practice

One day, someone came to me and said, « I had a lucid dream in which I could stay for a very long time, I even managed to control my dream! And I did not need to train.  » What a great experience! To be able to taste this total freedom without prior training is simply fantastic. However, don’t give up if you don’t succeed later. Sometimes we taste the level 2 lucid dream only once, in order to make our mouth water. This is what motivates us to train! The lucid dream is an exercise like any other. The time we spend in a lucid dream can be more or less long depending on our practice.
It is not for nothing that in Buddhism, the practice of lucid dreams is called « dream yoga« . This technique is passed on from generation to generation and is considered an advanced tantric technique. The more you train, the easier it will be for you to reach the level 2 lucid dream.

Origins of lucid dream

Lucid dreams are as old as the world! Nowadays, they can be considered a new concept because we have only been looking into this for a few years. (This is not new, current society places more emphasis on physical, social or financial success, rather than evolution in the spiritual or natural domain. Fortunately, there are some good surprises hidden at the bottom of bookstores sometimes , in which you can find many books on the subject).
Dream awareness has always been an extremely important spiritual part for many so-called « primitive » societies.
The people of South America and Africa have many in-depth knowledge in the dream field. Besides, did you know that certain herbs cause lucid dreams?

how to lucid dream

So, want to sleep to join the incredible universe of your dream world?

I will make an article very soon that will summarize some tips to follow to practice lucid dreams quickly.
See you soon !!


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