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How to exercise your memory?


Our memory needs to be maintained. We forget everything very quickly and the fact of not remembering exactly what we went through is one of the biggest obstacles to our personal evolution. I suggest an exercise to train to remember nothing of our day. Thus, our experiences, our feelings, our feelings, our emotions will all be reviewed and they will allow us to become aware of the different changes, stages, steps we spend in one day.


Take the time, at the end of each day, to sit down and go through the day. Remember nothing: your experiences, your actions, your feelings, your thoughts, your doubts, your fears … Even if some memories are unpleasant, do not zap them.
Start from the moment you opened your eyes when you woke up and finish when you sat down to meditate.

Then go backwards, starting from the moment you sit down to meditate, ending with the opening of your eyes when you wake up. Make it sound like you are rewinding the tape of your day. Again, do not dismiss any memories.


What is the purpose of this practice?

The goal of this exercise is to not let anything fade, even if the memories are unpleasant or even painful. Thanks to this, we become aware of everything that we go through in one day. We can then, if we wish, meditate on the consequences of our actions or our thoughts, in order to improve ourselves. By understanding that we are going through so many different stages in a day, we understand that we are able to improve our day with little things that will be big all.

By dint of training…

The more you train, the easier it will be for you to remember everything quickly. For experienced practitioners, do this exercise by remembering two whole days from beginning to end, then from end to beginning (countdown). You can also do the same exercise by remembering a week, then two, then three, and finally a whole month. (It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice).

You can also understand dreams in your exercise.



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