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The benefits of unpleasant surprises


Hello everyone !

Let’s talk today about the benefits of unpleasant surprises . Because yes, they have good sides!
So do not be afraid of the proverb “bad news never comes alone”, and discover all the positive that bring us the bad surprises of life.



When bad surprises point the tip of their noses, the emotions jostle in us and it is easy to lose the head. Between anguished thoughts and organization in the tear, it is imperative to sort. What’s important right now? What should I focus on first? What can I pause while waiting for other worries?

Sort it … That’s good!
Whether one is forced to do so or not, sorting cleans up the old stagnant energies and brings freshness and a new life dynamic. Everything we need when misfortune seems to stick to our soles.

Start again at zero


In the most extreme case, an army of strong bad news can sweep everything in our path. We have no landmark, no path, and no one to confide in. Ok: it’s time to start over again . You dream in secret to change your life, to go to the seaside, to become a movie star, to make a sheep farm to knit your own sweaters? Why do not you start now? It’s time ! To be honest, I find it hard to believe at random. I think rather that everything that happens to us in life brings us a particular lesson, the opportunity to do something that we would not have dared before … Sometimes it is by the strong way that we are pushed. are in the arms of a new destiny, but that’s no reason to have the chocotes and back off! Gone, it’s time to go for it, we have nothing left to lose!

Understand what’s best for us


The bad news is sometimes disguised relief . Little surprises of life that helps us to sweep away toxic relationships, events that do not fit us, situations that we do not want to live … Let me explain.
If for example, you kill yourself at work and it makes you unhappy. One day, your boss tells you he wants to send you back. Frightened, helpless, you languish on yourself and cry all the tears of your body repeating to you “that I am worthless”! Do not you think that, on the contrary, life has given you a perfect alibi for undertaking a training that would make you happy, apply for the job of your dreams, dare the impossible?

Put us back on the right path


Unpleasant surprises have the advantage of making us gallop back to the right path. Sometimes we are not aware that we are venturing into short and narrow paths, and life does not hesitate to send us some traps to help us turn around. Practice, these little remonstrances!

Learn more about us and our limits


What do we know about us? What are our limits? Do we really know all our reactions, everything we accept, and at what frequencies? This is what bad surprises come to test. Will we be angry more easily than sad? Will we give up or hang on until the proper result?
See in each of the bad news / surprises of life an opportunity to know you in depth, and an opportunity to improve yourself. If, for example, you tend to get angry easily, try to stay zen when you learn something unpleasant. And be proud of you!

Knowing who you can count on


When we go through a bad time, we usually do not wait very long before we understand who we can count on or not. Let yourself be helped, accept your outstretched hands, and do not waste time pestering those who do not wish to help you.

See you soon !

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