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How to sleep well at night?

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After a few tips to start the day well, here is how to sleep well in the evening.

Because a good wake up is influenced by a deep restful sleep.

Pamper your room

The place where we sleep is very important to want to fall asleep. Slipping in dirty and rough sheets in the middle of a mountain of garbage or ambient bazaar does not really want … Finally, in general! First, store it. Remove anything that should not hang in a room: food, paperwork, garbage cans, etc … Then make sure to change your sheets regularly. You know, fresh sheets that smell like new attract Morphée … (In addition, it seems that clean sheets excite women …)
Also, think about ventilating your room when you wake up. This will remove the stale smell and heat generated during the night.
If your room is also your living space (for some apartments or for studios), consider organizing your room so that there is a separation room / living room. If this is not possible, make sure to radically change the mood of your home when you go to bed. Soft light, very soft music, etc…


For smokers… Avoid smoking in bed!

Avoid smoking in your small bed! Yes, the cigarette under the duvet is practical, but the ambient smell of cold tobacco is not pleasant for the nasal … So, outside the ashtray, the lighter and the pack of cigarettes! At night, give your lungs and throat a break and let them breathe fresh air. In addition, one study reported that smoking a cigarette would prevent smokers from concentrating for 5 to 10 minutes. Falling asleep after a cigarette is so much harder than healthy lungs!
Did you know? Nicotine is a stimulant, like coffee. According to a 2008 study, smokers would be able to feel up to four times more tired than non-smokers when they wake up.


For screen addicts… Turn off your gadgets!

Turn off your television, your tablet, your computer and especially: your mobile phone. Well, of course, if you wait for a call or an urgent message, leave it on, but move it away from you not to be tempted. The games are numerous, it is very easy to chat with your entourage and besides, you can read your mails! Yes, but … A screen lit 10 centimeters in front of your eyes is not the best for letting go …



Books are very good tools to relieve pressure. They allow to create a cozy atmosphere and especially: not to have a screen lit before our eyes that would stimulate a little too much your spirit.



Admit it, thoughts are the first to come to prevent us from sleeping. Thus, meditation is a good way to let them escape and let go of our daily worries. For this, there are many methods of meditation, including that of No Mind, excellent before going to bed. To take a step back and think positive is essential to have a good and peaceful night’s sleep.


Dare the perfume…

Little more: opt for small perfumes of atmosphere all soft. Put the same perfume in your room only, especially a few hours before sleeping (when you’re in pajamas, for example). Your brain will equate this scent with relaxation and sleep preparation. It will be easier to fall asleep and your room will be really LA.


Pamper yourself!

Pampering your room is good, but pampering is also very important! Give yourself an intimate moment and take care of yourself before going to bed. Come on, hop! Turn off the flashing lights, make a tv show, prepare your book, scent your room (see the tip above) nd slip into your own sheets .
Tip: put on your pajamas, or choose an outfit that you do not put off your sleep break. Pajamas or an assortment of underwear, according to the tastes! Put on your evening dress before making a good night. By putting on special clothes to sleep, you will get your brain used to sleep by putting on clothes because it will be associated with sleep preparation. An outfit can get used to your brain, but also an action. For example, if each time before you fall asleep you put your favorite cream on your face, or you drink herbal tea, or you put hot socks, or you prepare a hot water bottle, etc … Your brain will associate this action with the sleep preparation!


All day long…
* A good day filled with good sleep. So, throughout your day:
* Avoid caffeine in the afternoon.
* Avoid a meal too heavy in the evening.
* Avoid exercising just before going to bed. The ideal is to do a few hours before preparation for sleep.
* Keep cool.
* Try to separate the covers when you share your bed with someone.
One sweats, the other shivers, one steals the blanket, the other wakes up, etc … The best is to make a blanket, and knock!
* Take a hot bath.
According to a 1935 study, taking a hot bath improves the quality of sleep by mimicking the process of body temperature drop. Before sleeping, your body temperature drops. So, taking a hot bath and going out a few minutes after launches this process.
* Do not drink too much. Do not be dehydrated either! But drinking more than necessary will cause round trips to the toilet in the night …


You have all the keys in your hands for a good restorative and happy sleep!

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