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Some advices to feel good about yourself


When spring arrives, feeling good about yourself is very important: the weather is going to be more and more pleasant and hot, and it will be a real pleasure to go outside to get some fresh air big winter coat.
To dare to put one’s muzzle outside without being afraid of the eyes of others is essential for a successful spring! Here are some tips that will help us feel good about ourselves.

Choose your food, eliminate toxins

A food rebalance can relieve stress states, fatigue, insomnia, and even skin problems! What are the recommended foods for sunny days?
* Promote draining foods and antioxidants, such as black radish, lemon, artichoke.
* Let’s fill up on fruits and vegetables, especially green beans, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas …
Small Plus: Optons for steaming to prevent the addition of fat during cooking.

* Let’s avoid the excitants, such as coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, etc …
Let’s prefer green tea to coffee, for example.


Doing sport

The return of good weather is a good reason to go out and make a little race! Pool, running, cycling … We will do two birds with one stone: we will be in great shape and our means of transport will be 100% eco-friendly!
Of course, if we are shy, nothing prevents us from playing sports at home: fitness, tai chi chuan, qi gong, stretching … Out of sight, we will perfect our body to be all beautiful / all beautiful at the beach this summer!


The few minutes of walking in the afternoon in full sun will allow us to enjoy the good weather and empty our minds. We will take the time to (re) discover our neighborhood, our beautiful city, and will even witness the blooming of beautiful little buds …


Meditating is a very good way to feel good in one’s body: with meditation, we take the time to refocus on ourselves and accept our little faults that we love, deep within ourselves.


And above all … Stop feeling guilty!

Notices to chocolate and nibbling subscribers: it’s not that bad! Let’s stop feeling guilty for a little pleasure here and there. Well yes ! We like to treat ourselves by making a small detour by the bakery sometimes …
Did you know? Eating a food that makes us want and that makes us very happy reduces stress, anxiety and blues.
In addition, it is the guilt engendered by the absorption of a small square of chocolate that will worsen the consequences!
Of course, if our state of health does not allow us to nibble, it must be remedied and not succumb to temptation. We can instead replace our desire to nibble by a creative activity, which, I assure you, will quickly replace our desire for snacks if it becomes our passion. If our state of health prevents us from nibbling a little, stop making us feel guilty !


Are you comfortable with yourself?
Take the test to find out which of these tips apply to be well in your sneakers !


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