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The dream world is full of mysteries …
Passionate about the magical world of dreams, I reveal a small part of their mysterious symbolism

Let’s take a ride together on the oneiromancy side …

The dream: uncontrollable, magical, unpredictable, illogical, surprising

Beyond the ‘ down to earth ‘ interpretation of dreams (I am here aiming at medical and psychoanalytic research, which mixes the unconscious, the absorption of information of the day, anxieties and fears, hope …) is oneiromancy.

Oneiromancy is a divinatory art that uses dreams as tell-tale of the future.

It is written, in a book of wisdom dating from the last epochs of ancient Egypt , that the gods would have created dreams in order to deliver messages to Humans..

Oneiromancy book of wisdom

Are dreams premonitory? Are dreams a way to communicate with Gods? Can we bond with dreams?

There is a compilation of premonitory dreams in China called ‘ The Memoirs of the Jade Box ‘. Of course, we do not need to live in China to enjoy the benefits of premonitory dreams !
Open your eyes and your mind:

Have you ever had this dream, where you meet a person you have not seen for a long time, and a few hours after waking you meet this person in awake life? Have you never heard of these people who dream of lotto numbers and who, the next day, try their luck and win? Have you ever been onirically linked with someone you’re very close to dreaming about the same thing the same night?
Dreams reveal far more than what we want to make us believe … It’s not just our unconscious that works, but indeed our spirituality that awakens. ..

Together, let’s travel a few thousand years ago, at the time of Ancient Egypt and the beginning of the awareness of the Power of Humans…

Oneiromancy dreams interpretation

Here we go…

Humans begins to build power over the world.

Gods will begin to serve the interests of men. Their power thus reinforces the cohesion of the group and protects from the harmful power of great supernatural powers

Gods change shape. They become the characteristics of nature: thunder, lightning, fire, but also Human emotions: anger, joy, fear …

The dream then becomes the interpreter of the natural world , but above all, the messenger of the Gods

oneiromancy divination by dreams

Why the Dream becomes the interpreter of the Gods?

Being the messenger of a superior force, he can understand this mysterious world … When we understand our dreams, we are endowed with a powerful power … Also, do we need to know use …

When humans did not have elaborate language, dream messages were easier to interpret. But when language is added to dreams, the interpretation of their symbols is much more difficult!

Without taking into account language, our survival instinct allows us to easily understand the messages of our dreams. But when the language comes, everything is disoriented! Between the company name and the instinct of survival, hard to make its choice of interpretation …

Imagine … being in front of a huge void. Our survival instinct makes us go back so we do not dive in and die! But if we hear a God tell us ‘You must die’, how to interpret it?


We need a translator !

That’s where priests and soothsayers come in

knoum egypt dream

The role of the ‘translator’ of dreams would then be to allow dreamers to understand the coded messages of their dreams and guide them in the right direction!
Translators were often priests or soothsayers. Thus, the latter gave an interpretation so that the dream symbols are adapted to the social requirements . Translators could therefore influence the dreamer who will, unconsciously, act ‘as in his dream’, so that the dream has said true .

The dreamer was integrated in a cultural and / or religious context.

Even if it is considered ‘ badly translated ‘ because the interpretation is diverted from its primary role, the dream still allows change .

In summary …

In ancient Egypt, the symbols of dreams were decoded by priests or soothsayers. Thus, the dreamers were guided on the right path ( at least, the path accepted and considered as ‘good’ according to the culture or the religion of the dreamer ). Messages dreamed by the Gods to dreamers allowed them to take the right path and to see what they should do or not do.

A little when you draw a tarot to find out which way to choose, dreams also help to reassure the future of the dreamer and guide him in the right way.

dream interpretation

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