How to open your third Eye?


Our Third Eye… is also called our Inside eye or the Eye of the Soul/strong>.

  • Where is he?

* ‘Physicall‘, our Third Eye is between the two eyes, above the eyebrows.
* ‘Energetically’, it is located at the sixth chakra (ajna chakra) level. In India, the Third Eye is called jnana chakshu , the eye of knowledge. See the article on chakras.

  • ‘Third Eye’, what does it mean?

It is a mystical and esoteric metaphor of Eastern origin. It means that we can ‘see’ differently than with our two physical eyes.

  • Oh yes, and how?

It requires a little training, but everyone is able to develop this faculty.
* Some people are born with their Third Eye open, already well developed.
* Others are not born with this faculty but can without problem develop it.


Here are some different practices to develop our Third Eye.

  • Taoism method…

The training of the 3rd eye requires the focusing of attention on a point between the eyebrows. You have to concentrate with your eyes closed. This practice would then lead to the opening of our Third Eye.

  • Method of meditation…

Pay attention to the part of your head attributed to the Third Eye (the top of the nose, the back of the skull, the forehead area between the two eyebrows …). Concentrate on the space your Third Eye requires.

  • ‘Air tube’ method.

Concentrate on the part of your forehead between the two eyebrows. Imagine a corridor, a kind of little tube crossing your head from side to side. Let this tube grow and imagine that it can cross information. Little by little, with the training, you will feel a light breath pass through this tube.

  • The method of the eye.

Focus on one point in the middle of your two eyebrows. Visualize an eye at this place. It can be of any form, to you to let decide your imagination. It can be in the form of a drawing, a sketch, a real eye, a pastille, a sticker … Choose the one that suits you the most. Concentrate intensely on this image. At first, it will be slightly transparent. By dint of sitting and imagine this same eye constantly, its visualization will be more and more clear and you feel that your Third Eye will open. You will feel more and more guided.

  • The method of Light.

Imagine the strength of your positive energy as a source of light. A ball of light, a beam, as you see fit. Your representation will be based on the nature of your energy. Carry your positive energy between your two eyebrows. Let the light lighten and pierce your forehead. Let yourself be guided by this Light, it will illuminate your path. Your intuition is developing.

  • And finally, my method …

Imagine a small bubble, like that of a bubble paper. Concentrate on the area of ​​your forehead between the two eyebrows, or even just higher. Visualize this little bubble surrounding a small eye. With the strength of your positive energy, pierce the bubble. It may take a few meditation sessions before you can pop the bubble and release your Third Eye. But that will happen at the right time for you.

And you, do you have methods to propose?


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