How to read in tea leaves?


Reading in tea leaves, or tasseomancie , is a friendly and charming divinatory art. Used since the Middle Ages, it appeals to our intuition, our imagination and our flair. It only requires a good company, a good diluted tea (no filter, yes!) in hot water and a white cup without a reason.

So, what are you waiting for to read the future of those who share your tea?



As previously read, you know that you only need a good company, a tea (if possible with large sheets, and especially not filtered!) For a tassomancy session. and a white cup without a motive (the patterns could blur the shapes of the tea leaves, thus disrupting your interpretation) .

So heat the water and fill your white cup with warm liquid. Then arrange the tea leaves and let them soak with water. Mix and drink when the color of the water is harmonized. (The more leaves you leave in the water, the stronger your tea will be – drink it sooner or later after the leaves have gone into the water, depending on your taste).

The hardest part is getting your guinea pig to drink the unfiltered tea, but once that’s done, the most fun is yet to come! It is necessary that the person for whom you are going to read the future leaves a very small bottom in the cup (about a millimeter in height) so that the leaves remain malleable in the water. Once this is done, have him turn his cup clockwise three times. This will line the inside of the cup. Then return the cup to a saucer, and after a minute, ask the person who drank the tea to return the cup and gently put it back in the place.

It’s up to you to interpret the symbols you’ll see in the white cup of the future!



Before all things, it is important to know that the symbols on the edges of the cup (where we put our lips) represent the present. The symbols between the edge of the cup and the bottom of the cup represent the near future (two or three weeks ahead). And the closer we get to the bottom of the cup, the deeper we go into the future! The weeks, the months, the years … To you to feel!

For symbols, you have to let your imagination wander and your mind to make associations freely. If the black cat makes you think of luck, say it. If a ladder makes you think of solving a problem, say so too. Reading in tea leaves is above all a story of feeling, imagination, instinct.

Don’t limit yourself : explore!


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