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Feng Shui: How to place your mirror


Decorate your home, opt for Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is a art of Chinese origin. It harmonizes the environmental energy of a place to promote the well-being, prosperity and health of its occupants. Translated literally, it means ‘the wind and the water’.

The mirror brings luminosity and dynamism in small and dark places.

He is very much appreciated in the art of Feng Shui, because the mirror helps the Chi to circulate in a harmonious way.
Misplaced, it can have a very negative effect! So look at the tips below so you do not send the Chi out of your home…

A mirror in a room, a corridor or a dimly lit entrance will radically change the mood.
It’s best to place it on the back wall to add depth to the room, make it larger.

  • What shape should my mirror have?

The best mirrors are round because they bring a soft and delicate atmosphere.

  • Where to place it?

* Make sure your mirror does not reflect doors, windows, or bathroom walls.

* It should not be facing your front door: this would send the incoming energy directly out. In addition, your guests may feel uncomfortable at the direct sight of a mirror at the entrance: they may want to leave immediately.

* It must not reflect the sun, it makes the view unpleasant.

* It should not be placed in front of another mirror: It sends the Chi back incessantly and too bright.

* It should never be placed in front of a sleeper. This increases nightmares and disrupts sleep.
In Asia, it is considered that the mirror placed in front of the bed represents a third person coming to create the disagreement within a couple.

* It should not be broken or smudged: an old mirror or broken mirror draws the negative.

* It is better that it reflects a plant, a rounded objects, a nice object.


Remember not to aim only at the height of your body: if no mirror reflects your legs, for example, you will tend to:
* Forget this part of your body.
* Forgetting to practice sports activities.
* Weight gain.

The mirror is important, certainly, but there must not be too much in your habitat. This speeds up the Chi and makes it harmful and stressful.

In short…

When placing your mirrors, ask yourself the following questions: « Does it reflect something I love / something nice? », « Does it reflect something that will make my life better? » my day? « , » Placing this mirror so will allow me to move forward in life with a smile? « 

Make sure mirrors beautify your days, your months, your years and help you smile as you move forward in life…


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