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Are you a Parent or a Buddy?


At home, is the rigor or are you rather relaxed? How do you perceive yourself?

Are you a cool parent or a strict parent? This test will tell you which parent are you!

If you have children, you may be wondering what kind of parent you are. And the answer to this question is often difficult. Many books and websites offer categorisations but it is not easy to position oneself and find the best way to impact children in education. To carry out this important task, you will have to find the middle ground between the parent-stern and the parent-boyfriend.

The concept of parent
Here, the concept of parent refers to any person responsible for educating one or more children. It often happens that you do not know what attitude to adopt for the education of children. Several categories are proposed by the great authors on the subject but here, you will be offered two major categories: the severe parent and the parent boyfriend.
– The severe parent: « in education, there is no compromise that is worth it! »,« The children do not have to think, they have to follow the instructions! « … If these expressions look a little like you, you are what we call severe parents! You do not negotiate! You impose yourself!

– The parent-boyfriend: you take to heart the happiness of your children to the point of forgetting that sometimes it is necessary to bring them back to order. You avoid shocking them, you are sweet to the point where children take you for one of their own and try to build themselves an environment without constraint.

How to find out what kind of parent you are?
If there is any doubt in you or you are not able to establish your boundaries between the stern parent and the soft parent regarding the parenting style you are, then ask yourself the right questions! According to what they inspire you, you will have a more precise idea of ​​the type of parent you are!
– What sense do you give to the children and how do you choose? Your taste or that of your children?
– How much autonomy do you leave to your children? Do they express their desires? Do they have a nice family environment? Are you super protector? And how do you organize siblings?
– How are confidences? By the way, how strong is the relationship of trust between you and your children?
– Do you express their fears? Their reflections? Their curiosity?
– How do you handle complaints?
These are all questions that can guide you and help you find the type of parent you are!

The ideal parent
Does the ideal parent exist? The answer is difficult! That a parent is too hard does not mean that he is a bad parent. And in the opposite direction, a too kind parent, even if he is very loved by children, is not necessarily a parent who manages the education of his children well. It is then necessary for this purpose to find the balance between the severe parent and the parent-boyfriend!
There are times when it is important to be rigorous with children. In the same way, you have to know how to be gentle when the situations require it.

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