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And you, do you like yourself?

Hard to find common ground with … ourselves.

What image of yourself do you have?

Are you your worst enemy or your best friend? Discover it without delay!

« To love oneself » may seem a little ambiguous. Does this seem obvious or useless? In either case, you will have to realize that self-love is necessary for self-confidence. Many online tests allow you to get an idea of ​​your look on your person. This article will guide you in the direction of the essential points on which rests such an examination and will allow you to relax to advance.

1- To love, sense and orientation
To love oneself is not so obvious as that. If some people feel that they are in a position to say that they love themselves, this is not the case for everyone. To love yourself from a simple prerequisite: become aware of the elements that make up your personality, accept you and finally love you! So, for this purpose, it will be useful to ask you some questions that can guide you in your knowledge of the esteem you have of yourself. These questions essentially boil down to these: how do you perceive your behavior and your reactions to others? And what is the image you have of yourself? These questions are prerequisites for a better understanding of your ability to love yourself. You will then have to take stock of your qualities and your faults, your strengths and your limits and agree to deal with yourself. You would be on the right path to love yourself!

2- The implications of self-love
Feeling of love for your own person will allow you to regain confidence in yourself and in your abilities. It’s a new beginning that starts like this! You will then enter the world of possibility with great ease. This exercise is a powerful source of motivation.
The implications of self-esteem are to be examined at various levels. You will essentially have to draw inspiration from the following questions:
– What is your perception of your technical and intellectual skills? Compared to others, are you better?
– How far would you go for love for yourself? Are you ready to please yourself at any cost? What is the weight of the search for the best for you?
– For your health, are you ready to embarrass yourself?

3- To love each other, a condition to know how to love others
Life in society is conditioned by a certain number of landmarks. Among these, the acceptance or even the love of others is indispensable for an acceptable general climate. In this sense, everyone is obligated to love others or at least to show tolerance for them! But then, to love oneself is an important condition for success in loving others. Until you’ve done it, you’ll have trouble being good to others. The secret is to say to oneself, « I have not only faults; I am even a good person « and » the others have no doubt something good in them « ! How do you take others, their actions, their reactions? Do you think they have the right to the error? It starts with you and your self-esteem.

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