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The cube test – personality test


I found a very interesting personality test and very easy to do a few days ago. Let’s talk about it

This is the cube test . To achieve it, you just have to concentrate and let your imagination go.
Make a void in your mind … Then imagine …

A desert

Imagine a desert all around you. The goal is to calm your mind and create a space where you have room. You can, if you prefer, imagine a plain, an ocean, the sky … The important thing is that the « bottom » is the least garni possible.

Once you visualize your background, imagine a cube . What does it look like? How big is it? What is it made of? Is it transparent or does it have a color? Let yourself go, there is no right or wrong answer. Take the time to answer.

Once you see this cube clearly, imagine a scale . What does it look like? What is it made of? How big is it? Where is it in relation to the cube? Take your time … The scale can be everywhere and of all possible forms.

That’s it, your ladder is well drawn in your mind? Add a horse now . How is it? Where is he ? Does he look happy, tired, timid, euphoric, calm? Is Gambade everywhere or does he sit quietly?

Now that the horse is part of the general picture, imagine flowers . Where are they? How many are there? What are they like?

Finally, imagine a storm . Where is it compared to other elements? Is she near or far from you? Is she fat or small? Is it threatening? Does it affect the other elements of your table?

Let’s move on to the interpretation


The cube represents … Your ego . You imagine a big and big cube? You probably have a lot of esteem for yourself. Your cube is small? You surely lack confidence in yourself, or you are not an egocentric person. Your cube is on the sand? You are a down to earth person. Your cube is in the sky? You have your head in the clouds. If your cube is transparent it means that you are a transparent, honest person. If your cube is opaque , it means that others have trouble reading in you.

The scale represents … Your friends . If the scale is on the cube, it may mean that they depend on you or rely heavily on you. If the scale is small, it may mean that you do not have many friends. Draw your own conclusions based on the shape, size, position, stability of your ladder and how you feel.

The horse represents … Your dream partner . What it is corresponds to what you want / what you need in your ideal romantic partner. Some imagine a horse beast of sum, other a unicorn … Your imagination has no limit!

Flowers represent … Your children ! (or your projects, if you have no children or if you do not want them) . The place these flowers occupy in your painting is as important as their shape, color and size.

The storm represents …. A threat / your blues . Your storm was huge? You worry a lot. Was your storm away from you? The worries are behind you / you have time to see the problems come.

Interpret the elements of your imaginary painting yourself and explore your mind in depth.

Interpret the elements of the test yourself

Your imagination has no limit: the response possibilities of this test are infinite ! I have not given all possible interpretations and it will be very difficult for me to do so. Especially since these interpretations are very personal ! In order to interpret the symbols imagined for this test yourself, let your mind wander. Do not censor yourself. Once you have read the representation of the symbols, let your unconscious speak. A cube that is too small may very well represent excessive shyness or the virtual absence of an ego. It’s up to you to feel what suits you the most. You can of course get help from your loved ones: do the test with several and offer interpretations for the symbols of the participants.

Do not hesitate to repeat the test if the desire takes you a few weeks / month later. Even if you know the representation of the symbols to imagine, it is a very good exercise to take stock of yourself .


See you soon!

Source : 5 minutes test.

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