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What does these eyes reveal about your personality?

« The eyes are the mirror of the soul « 

The eyes can reveal a lot about you. Take a look at the sketches below and choose the one that attracts you the most. Then watch what it reveals about your personality!


The eye n ° 1

You have the open mind . You welcome everyone in your life with open arms. You like meeting new people and spending time with people you love. You are the type to take risks: you bite life to the fullest! You hate to stay locked up: you are a free and happy soul, who loves helping those in need and who spreads love and good humor wherever she goes.

The eye n ° 2

You are conscientious . You are always looking for something to do to improve the world, to improve the living conditions of a community. You know that your actions make a difference even if they are small. You consider your activism as the rent you pay to live on this planet.

The eye n ° 3

You come back from a distance. Your past was tumultuous and still has an impact on your life today. Only, now, you are your only difficulty: your own enemy. However, when you struggle to find inner peace, you are a true jewel capable of brightening the surroundings. You are a point of light in a demonic and haunted world, but you do not realize it.

The eye n ° 4

You are a philosopher . You are constantly looking for the meaning of things and like to go deep, whatever the subject. You are confident about your ability to solve the riddles of this life.

The eye n ° 5

You are being mysterious . You are a real enigma to the people around you, but what they do not know is that you are also an enigma for yourself! « When one has nothing to say, one is silent », that is your creed. However, when you speak, you do not mince your words. You are a person of action: when you have a goal in mind, you go all the way.

The eye n ° 6

You are a sensitive and thoughtful person . You notice the small details of life that seem to be invisible to others. You have a very good memory and you do not forget anything. You are fragile but have no shame to show it: it is your strength. Your intuition is very strong, but it is double-edged: you are very often the first · the first to feel the difficulties ahead, which can make you a little anxious.

The eye n ° 7

You are a ardent spirit . You are full of energy, passionate, and stick to the role of leader. High stakes and challenges stimulate you, you are very enthusiastic.

The eye n ° 8

You are an original . You have very unusual interests, so are your practices and beliefs. You have probably been called crazy during your childhood or adolescence. Do not take this as an insult but rather as a compliment: you are open minded and see other than most others. You are a genius of your kind. Anti-conformist, you laugh in the face of traditions and what will we say.

The eye n ° 9

You are very intuitive . It only takes a few seconds to fully understand the people you meet. You read in them as in an open book. Besides, it is very difficult to lie to you! We do not handle you easily, however, you can manipulate others easily (but it is not recommended). You measure your actions and your words with meticulousness.

Sources : Choose an eye.

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