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How do you ask for an adjustment ?


You deserve an increase: that’s certain. Yes but … How to approach your boss and tell him your request more than delicate?

Would you know how to do it? Are you rather like waiting in dreaming that he proposes it to you himself or would you have the audacity to take the bull by the horns? Do you know how to impose yourself in the workplace?

Take the test and find out!

Would you like to change your pay level? You have probably answered yes! So, this article interests you! Whether now or later, you would have liked to earn a better salary! But then, note that it does not depend only on you! There are a number of factors to consider: your position in the economic environment, the temperament of your supervisor and many other factors. Here you will find guidelines to better manage such a request.

1- Your position and your involvement
Before coming to the specifics of your position, it should be a small point: why do you want an increase? Is this your choice or the answer to the requests of relatives? Anyway, you have to be motivated to change your pay level if you want to get started.
But even before your request can be perceived as realistic, you must solve some prerequisites. In particular, you must ensure that your position deserves such an increase depending on the tasks you perform and their added value in the company. In terms of general organization of work and achieving objectives, what do you bring? Another element: do you have a clear vision in your profession or is it the soft focus? You will be able to know what type of employee you are!
You could also return to your personal involvement in the company. How far are you going for the business? Tasks that disgust you, how do you manage them? Then, your relationships with others in the service, how are they? How do you take others? Do you help them? Are you helpful in improving performance?
2- The economic context and the adhesion of your superior to the request
Does your request for an increase come because you realize that others are better paid for the same job? If not, you can use the following questions to guide your approach.
What is the economic environment in which society is currently evolving? On the assumption of common sense, what is the best time to talk about it? There is no better period but it seems that it is more interesting to benefit from a situation of clear progression and satisfaction of the management pool.
After this lot of questions, you will now have to examine your relationship with your hierarchy. Anyway, your relationships will weigh in the balance too. The type of relationship you have with your superiors will also justify your state of mind on the day of the negotiation and especially at the time of the negotiation.

3- The argument and the resilience in case of refusal
Any request as serious as a salary increase must be well prepared. In this sense, it is important that you have a clear idea of ​​the arguments you will use to convince your boss!
But whatever your arguments, it is he who decides! So, he could refuse! How do you react ? What is your ability to bounce? Do you already have a Plan B or are you sure that you collapse?
These are all questions that can direct you to the way you see things, without telling them to yourself. For you, asking for an increase may be easier than it seems. Here is a little test psycho to know you better.

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