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Dare to say no!

I have written a lot of articles about the benefits of positive thinking and ‘ YES ‘ in general. But what about the positive power of the no?

Well yes, we are human beings shaken by our moods, our hormones, our emotions, our desires, our needs, and so on. Sometimes (even often), we happen to not be at the top. In this article, let’s see how to accept it and do it with our most miserable moods, while remaining positive!


Comment dire non

Imagine … you get up with your left foot. You find cat pee on your favorite carpet. Your slice of bread falls on the wrong side. Your shirt is badly ironed and your lucky pants can not be found. As if that was not enough, the car is down! In other words, it’s not your day.
In the late afternoon, a colleague offers to share a drink at the bar with colleagues to relax the atmosphere … But this is the last thing you would like to do! Oh oh … How to be positive when our dream response would be as negative as our mood?
Dare to say « No » . Quite simply. But be careful, say no by staying positive, it’s an art!
Here’s an example of positive thinking coupled with a negative answer :
THOUGHT: « My colleagues are very kind to have thought of me, but I’m too tired to drag myself to the bar. »
ANSWER: « Thank you for inviting me, it touches me, but I do not feel fit to join you at the bar.
Tadaaam! You said not without hurting your colleagues, without seeming grumpy, you remained polite and friendly and in addition, you remain open for a next guest. It’s not the class, all that?

Positive thinking leads us to do the best we can every moment , and to see the positive side of everything easily. But in no case does it lead us to say « yes » when we want to say « no »!
A positive answer can be given to a negative answer, as we have seen above.

Do not forget to be courteous so as not to rush your interlocutor. When you have tasted the power of no, it is easy to get carried away, but you have to know how to control yourself 🙂


The positive power of the no

Positive thinking is learned. Just like saying « no »! This may seem logical for some, but for many sensitive and shy subjects, saying no is a big deal.
Yet saying ‘no’ has a very positive power. Oh yes ! Look instead:
* The ‘no’ asserts itself (« No, I do not want to go to the movies to see a horror movie, I prefer the love movies. » And then the nightmares,  » is not my thing. « )
* The ‘no’ helps you control your fears . (A salesman approaches you and offers you an unmissable offer for an object you do not need.Instead of succumbing to pressure or shyness, relax, inhale, and say clearly ‘no’ because you want say ‘no’, instead of saying ‘yes’ because it’s simpler).
* It makes us realize that what we want is important and should not pass after the desires of others (I say no because I want it, I do not say yes to do pleasure).

Saying no when you want to say no is important. It’s even important . We do not have to let ourselves walk on our feet, we are not plasticine that everyone can manipulate as they please. No protects us, the no respects us.

Say no with open mind
Saying no to what we do not want, what we do not like, what we do not want is good for our fulfillment. This allows us to not waste time doing what we do not want to do, it allows us to assert ourselves (see above) .
However, care must be taken to remain open-minded . By this I mean do not say « no » for fear. If you say no to an invitation for example, because your refusal is motivated by a bias or a stereotype, it may make you miss a good moment. For example :
« My friend invites me to the museum this afternoon, it will be boring to die, I will say no! » Too bad, an excellent artist who exhibited on the inside would have marked you forever.

Dare to say no: it’s positive!

Zou, now that you know everything about the art of saying no and its benefits, you are ready to fly to the rescue of your desires who dared not go out until now. You’re not modeling dough, say no when you want, while keeping a positive thought under your elbow!

See you soon,


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