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The power of colors in your aura

Hello everyone !

Tell me … What do you think of this picture:


Pretty, no?
And that one:

human color

And of this one?


Know that with a third eye open, we can see everyone like that. How so, « like that »? All multi-colored of course! A little …« like this » :


Our aura contains one or more colors (sometimes even elements, entities, shapes, but let’s focus on the colors) that give off something specific. I think we perceive all these colors without really being aware of it. Thus, the color or colors we release play a very important role in our daily lives and in our relationships with others!

Skeptics? So, I invite you to do this little exercise.

What do you mean …

What do you think of black (which is certainly not a color in the strict sense, but it is needed for this exercise) ?


Black most often evokes sadness, heaviness, despair, death, emptiness, darkness, darkness, bad mood, depression.
It can also represent elegance, rigor and mystery, but most humans associate black with negative.

What do you think of red ?


Red most often evokes love, warmth, passion, sexuality, blood, ardor, danger, prohibition, the untouchable.

What do you think about walleye ?


The walleye most often evokes wealth, wealth, fertility, harmony, joy.

What do you think of the green ?


The green most often evokes hope, luck, kindness, peace, nature, stability, balance, harmony.

What do you think about blue ?


Blue most often evokes wisdom, dream, sweetness, freshness, loyalty, serenity.

Well, we will not go over all the colors, I think you’ve understood: the colors have an inestimable power and it is time to make good profit.

The power of colors is in each of us

What if I told you that everyone can use the extraordinary power of colors, and that only requires imagination and zest of concentration? I’m explaining you.

The power of imagination is immensely great. I invite you to read my articles on the power of thoughts and the guide to positive thinking that will help you understand why and how. So let’s work our imagination for our well-being and for our fulfillment!

Here’s a quick and easy way to change the color of your aura:

Take a few minutes of your time. It can be when you wake up, in the subway, during your break at work, in the supermarket queue, whatever you want.
Concentrate on a color. For this you can:
* Imagine shapes of this color.
* Write this color (in your head) .
* Think of objects / plants / places of this color.
* Repeat the name of the color (in your head) several times …
It’s how you prefer. Find the method that’s right for you, with which it will be easier and faster for you to do this exercise.
Imagine little by little all that color around you. Imagine shining on all sides: you live this color, you are that color .

Your aura will change little by little. This will be invisible to the naked eye (should I say, to the untrained eye) but visible to the subconscious, believe me.
The speed of change of this color may vary from one individual to another. It may take a few seconds for some, and a few days for others. The whole thing is to believe in it 200%, to trust each other and to concentrate for a few moments. And to make his imagination work, of course!

But, but … what’s the point?

Oh, nothing, just to look pretty … See you soon for an upcoming article!
Buuut no. I mean, of course, it’s pretty, but the most important is the power that will bring us the color that we imagine and that we wear. You can imagine all the colors you want and make them live in your aura. Thus, what emerges blue (for example) will be cleared from you if you wear it in your aura.


What color, and when?

If you are shy, reserved, introverted, your aura is probably pale, pastel, sweet. To give you a little more confidence, you can invite the color red, purple or burgundy in your aura, which will give you presence and help you assert yourself.
If you are angry, impulsive or too much inside, and are looking to calm down, invite blue or green into your aura. This will relax you and release you in the sweetness and peace.
If you are depressed, moody, not at the top of your shape, and want to give you a boost, I advise orange . Creativity, joy and optimism will be back soon.

Remember that the shade of the chosen color is very important. For example, dark purple can evoke melancholy, while light purple can evoke spirituality and knowledge. Choose well!

Now that you know everything about the power of color, I invite you to practice and enjoy it.

See you soon !


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