Well Being

Take a break, relax


The days go to 100 per hour with the ubiquitous information and stimuli of all kinds. Do you take the time to take a break? No ? This may be a cause of your stress.

The television, the laptop and the computer are sources of useful information, certainly. However, these gadgets can quickly become harmful if we use them too much. The continuous information and the stimuli diffused all day long under our eyes force us to stay concentrated and captivated by the screen. Remember: man has not always been reduced to watching a screen to learn more about the world!


Take a step back and dare to turn off your screens!

* TV… Book a specific moment of your day on TV, and choose the program in advance. This way, you will not be caught on television, and you will control your desire to watch it. By reserving a moment of the day, it will give you time for the (re) discovery of other hobbies when the tv will be off. Also, you will enjoy much more of your ‘tv moment’, which will become special.
* The computer… For the computer, the advice is the same: think about picking up from time to time… Use it as little as possible, and only for practical cases: contacting friends, doing research … It must not become a reflex.

* The mobile… This gadget is definitely useful for us! Well too, maybe? How did we do when laptops did not exist? Dare, from time to time, go back in time. Cut your cellphone and make appointments in advance to your friends. This will allow you to stress with your mobile in your hands when you prepare, feel (finally) free and above all: it will force you to be on time! Do not be a slave to your phone!


‘The Others’

‘The Others’, Who are they? Passers-by in the street, colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances, etc … They are also a source of permanent information and stimulate your thinking. Take a break, sometimes dare to take time for yourself.


How to do?

When you get home after a long day of work, relax. Take a break, even 5 minutes. But! 5 minutes a day … And without cheating. You will see. Repeat this little break for a week, to start. You’ll see the results right away: less stressed, you’ll be peaceful and smiling.

* Light a few candles, put on some relaxing music, spread a scent of atmosphere that you enjoy, go for the dim light, whatever. Create a little cocoon just for you. For 5 minutes, think about the fact that you are a person in your own right, free and strong. You do not need others to live, or even this incessant flow of information. Look: you are there, lying or sitting in a comfortable room, and there is only you. Nobody else. You can live fully without worrying about external stress.
* Take great breaths and blow lightly. Be aware that what’s important is in your inner good.

After your relaxation session, start a enjoyable activity. Your brain will see this activity as a reward for something good for you: your daily relaxation.

Small advice

When you feel oppressed or stressed by external stimuli, remember the well-being you experienced during your relaxation session. Try to keep calm and remember that you are a person in your own right, free from being stressed by external stimuli.


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