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Tips for well starting the day


How to be in the morning?
Here is a relevant question… For those who get up before noon, obviously…

Here are some practical and simple tips to start your day with a smile to your ears.

Choose your alarm clock

Prefer to wake up with a soft music, a radio station where the styles of music are calm and relaxed (classic, jazz …) or opt for the cream of the cream: the famous awakenings ‘natural’.
They emit sounds of nature in a crescendo way, simulate a sunrise in your room, or change light slowly to accompany the songs of birds…
The choice of the alarm clock is above all personal. Once you have chosen the awakening of your dreams, get used to waking up in a good mood!
And above all: keep up the pace. Indeed, the best morning habit to take is to get up every day at the same time. It gets used to our body and mind to have a rhythm. Changing constantly time and rhythm is very tiring, both morally and physically.
Tip: put your alarm clock away from your bed. This will force you to get up to turn it off. The blood circulating in your body will be boosted when you take a few steps. It will be harder for you to come back and snuggle into Morpheus’s arms…


Have courage, a lot of courage…

At the beginning, for the late risers, it is almost unthinkable to get up early regularly. And above all, on the right foot! But ‘valiant heart, nothing impossible’… Not true?
As soon as your alarm clock rings, do not hesitate for one second: get up. Goodbye the snooze key! Delaying your alarm by constantly pressing the snooze button will not bring you any extraordinary benefits… On the contrary! You will unconsciously get used to the possibility of going back to sleep after the alarm clock. Moreover, by waking up every 5 minutes, your sleep will not be deep, so not restorative.


Open your shutters

Make enter light in your rooms. This will even allow you to choose correctly your clothes (yes, because it is better to do according to what we see rather than according to the weather looked the day before …)!


Airing your habitat in the early morning is very important. Renew the air of your home at the beginning of the day brings a fresh wind and a sensation of cleanliness and novelty instantly. In winter, ventilate for a few minutes during your breakfast for example, do not stay in the room that you ventilate so as not to catch cold. When the sunny days come, nothing prevents you from breakfast the window wide open to enjoy the fresh air.


Stretch out!

The benefits of morning stretching are diverse and varied. By making our muscle find its optimal length, it oxygenates more and eliminates toxins. It boosts energy, makes blood flow a lot better, and rebalances energies. The one who manages our stress is the nervous system. Its influx can sometimes cause a blockage in the belly and thus accelerate the heart rate. By stretching ourselves we rebalance the functioning of our organs partially asleep at night.
The ideal is stretch sitting for an in-between. Hearing your alarm, getting up, stretching straight and all in two seconds could cause a drop in blood pressure that could disgust you forever at dawn! Find your rhythm, take a deep breath, yawning, in short: relax.
In addition to the physical benefits, stretching gives you the opportunity to offer you a special time before taking care of children, finding colleagues or venturing into crowded subway stations


Hydrate yourself!

In the morning, prefer water to a large glass of orange juice on an empty stomach. This may be too acidic for your freshly awakened belly. In addition, the water has impressive virtues. It will in particular eliminate toxins and bring you freshness and softness in the early morning. Hot, warm or cold: as you see fit!


Treat yourself to the breakfast of your dreams

The breakfast should cover a quarter of our daily contributions. Start now! Opt for:
* Cereals (bread, corn petals, etc …)
* A hot beverage
* One fruit
* A dairy
You are full of energy!


For the bravest … Do some exercise

Going for a run in the morning or going for a swim is a very good reflex. This allows you to relax, clear your head and recharge your batteries before your day. Your metabolism is boosted to the maximum. According to many researches, athletes in the early morning are more rigorous than athletes at night! After … It’s according to your tastes my dear ones 🙂


Take a shower in cold water!

The cold water for the shower is miraculous! First, it boosts the immune system and wakes up the body. It improves blood circulation and also prevents varicose veins. It also decongestsinternal organs by causing vascular contraction. The toxins are evacuated. She calm stress and help fight depression: a study from the University of Virginia found that taking a shower with cold water stimulates part of the brain bringing happiness and optimism. Because of its low temperature, water also has a diuretic effect. By regularly opting for the cold shower, you will see that your skin will be brighter and healthier and your hair will be healthier!
It is advisable to go little by little, to avoid disgusting for the cold shower. Decrease the temperature of your water every day until it is colder than warm.
And in winter? … Yes, even in winter, it is advisable to keep this habit! Obviously, do not turn into an ice cube either. Prefer the lukewarm shower if you feel that you are going to freeze.


Listen to relaxing music

Obviously, it’s subjective. Some will find that jazz is relaxing, while others will find it too stimulating. Adapt to your spirit and your desires. The important thing is to listen to music that calms you in the morning.
Why ? Soft music develops our concentration, increases our relaxation and consequently considerably reduces our stress.
Rhythmic music balances the heart: it increases our creativity, our sense of rhythm and stimulates our creativity.
The music would also reduce blood pressure, according to Italian scientific studies. Let’s listen to music for the health of our heart! It also helps to fight against depression. By participating in the production of endorphin (hormone providing the sensation of well-being with analgesic properties) and makes us happier and more relaxed.


As you can see, getting up early reduces stress, improves our physical and moral health, and leads to better productivity.

But do not forget that a good wake up is favored by a good sleep. So, if you want to get up early: go to bed early !


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